T Pumps in San Mateo, CA

T Pumps
106 South B St
San Mateo, CA


We looked for a boba place in the neighborhood and this  place came up. We got here and the line was out the door! But it moved fast and there was a really nice waittress walking around with free samples.

free sample

In fact, Joe liked his sample so much that he got it for his drink. Mango passion iced tea, he added the boba. When I first started to take pictures of his drink, he said I couldn’t appreciate just how large this large was and so he put his iphone up next to it so that people could get an idea. I’m glad these drinks are huge cuz I kept stealing sips from his cup.

taro smoothie

I went with my usual drink, taro smoothie with no boba. It’s just unsettling to be sucking on a straw and all of a sudden have a boba in your mouth. I don’t mind spoonfeeding myself the boba because I’m expecting it. The girl who brought out my drink was very nice, she asked me to let her know if I was happy with my drink and if not she would be willing to change it. She did this for everyone. I like that your happiness is their main concern. My taro smoothie came with real taro on top! Awesome!
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