Taqueria Sanchez in New Orleans, LA

Taqueria Sanchez
46 Westbank Expressway
Gretna, LA

beef burrito

This area was so sketch that I didn’t want to take my camera. This is literally on the side of the highway! There’s no parking lot, no sidewalk parking, just cars pulled up onto the grass (over that street bumper thing to protect the grass). I parked in the parking lot of the nearby 9 Roses (known for their delish Asian cuisine) and prayed that my car wouldn’t get towed. As I walked up to this little taco shack to the side of the highway, I was reminded of that story from Friends where Ross and Chandler get tacos from a guy in a truck with a hibachi grill in his trunk on their way to Disney World. Chandler says, after Ross’s ride, they decided to rename it the “Crappiest place in the whole wide world.” hahaha………not the greatest image to have as you’re walking up to a taco shack.

chicken taco and pork taco

The chicken taco and pork taco didn’t come with any sauce. Luckily, they added green hot sauce which was good but not enough for the dry meats (perhaps it was cooked earlier in the day and then re-heated prior to assembly). Very authentic tasting though. So sad, the flavors were there they just needed a little help (and a lot of moisture).

huge burrito

The burrito came on a paper plate covered with a tin foil. Kinda ghetto. Right? Or am I being too hoighty-toighty….. Altho the meat tasted great, it was also dry. This was a great hole in the wall (literally). Not too sure if I’ll return tho because there are better burrito options on this side of the bridge with legit parking options. I’ll stick to Los Paisanos cuz you get the great flavor with moisture (and parking)! But this blog post was for all y’all who were curious about that taco shack along the highway on the West Bank, now ya know!


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