Dalessandro’s Steaks in Philadelphia, PA

Dalessandro’s Steaks
600 Wendover St
Philadelphia, PA 19128

the front

I was surprised that I hadn’t eaten  one of the Top 5 ranked cheesesteaks in Philly and so we made the trek out here to check it out. While we were waiting to order at the counter in the back, I could see that this place has a strong neighborhood feel to it (especially that drunk guy in the Eagles jersey that kept shouting “Best Cheesesteak in Philly” WOOOOOOOO!)  and lots of loyal local customers (the place was packed). We hovered around the diner area to grab seats and we waited for our sandwiches to come out. When we had placed our order, I saw the huge mountain ribeye already cooked and just sitting on the grill. tsk tsk, not made to order.

cheesesteak w provolone and grilled onions

Joe was not a fan of his cheesesteak. The meat had no flavor and they cooked the provolone within the meat and so we when he was eating, he could barely tell the provolone was there.

I got cheesesteak w whiz and grilled onions

While they give you a lot of meat, it is quite flavorless. My sandwich had the opposite problem of Joe’s, it was swimming in whiz. I like that Jim’s puts the whiz on the bread and meat on top. Lot less messy then when you’re trying to bite the sandwich and you get whiz all over your face. Even the bread wasn’t impressive.  I’m surprised that this place is ranked as one of the top 5 cheesesteaks in philly, very surprised. it definitely doesn’t make one of my top 5


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  1. Agreed. But in defense of the Dalessandro family, they haven’t owned the place for awhile. Actually it’s changed hands twice. There is a steak shop in Roxborough on Leverington Ave., Barry’s Steaks. Barry worked for Bill Dalessandro for 24 years, learned from the best. If you want the cheesesteak that made Dalessandros famous, go to Barry’s. It is the best in the city, hands down. Hidden gem that deserve’s some recognition!

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