Taste of India in Philadelphia, PA

Taste of India
297 East Swedesford Road
Wayne, PA 19087


buffet 2

We came here because it was the only Indian buffet in town and the reviews online were dececnt. Definite kudos for the mango lassi drink that is included with each buffet. The buffet, I would say had a good split between veggies and meat, but the meats were split between chicken and goat.

the tandoori platter

Our plates were pretty big and the foods were spicy and flavorful.

plate 1



plate 2

I was quite disappoinnted with plate #2, i loved the spices on the chicken tikka masala so I got a whole plate of it for my 2nd dish but they must have restocked in between my dishes because this entire plate, the chicken was tad undercooked! I was having difficulty cutting it with my knife becase parts were uncooked.

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