Philly’s Steakhouse in New Orleans, LA

Philly’s Steakhouse
197 Westbank Expy # 1660
Gretna, LA 70053

the front

When I saw the great reviews online, I came here to check it out. It’s definitely a neighborhood favorite, lots of local residents eating lunch here. I actually had been wanting to come to this place for years because I came here my 1st year of med school during my ambulance ride (I wasn’t a patient), and the 2 ambulance drivers stopped by this place pretty late at night and were bragging about how great this sandwich place was.

cheese steak

There were all sorts of sandwich variations (like cheesesteaks with shrimp or cheesesteaks with italian sausage). I went with the original cheesesteak with just meat, cheese and onion. This was quite disappointing. Maybe because I am used grilled thinly sliced ribeye versus ground beef……

loaded baked potato with chili cheese

I was looking forward to my baked potato but was sadly turned off with the first few bites. The chili tasted like instant taco mix from the ethnic food aisle at the grocery market. I watched in horror as my potato was heated up in a microwave oven followed by the chili and then watched as the lady poured the heated chili over the heated potato. I don’t think I’ll be returning.

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  1. Hey, on urbanspoon your review is on this page.
    Which is the location in the food court at the mall. Judging from the picture you took, this is the one you were at.

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