Teresa’s Next Door in Philadelphia


Teresa’s Next Door
126 N Wayne Ave
Wayne, PA 19087


We dined at the bar side at lunch time. This place had good reviews and so we checked it out. unfortunately, we both had busy days ahead of ourselves so neither one of us could drink.Their beer list was quite impressive tho.

rosemary garlic chicken

we had heard that the chicken wings were good here so we asked the waiter for suggestions. When he described this as a dry-rub, we got uber excited. It came out and it looked beautiful. However, it was completely flavorless. The dry rub did not seep below the skin and what measly flavoring was on the crispy skin did not come through.

dry aged wagyu burger with gouda cheese and avocado

Wagyu literally means “Japanese cow”  has a high content of evenly distributed unsaturated fat that makes it a perfect candidate for the dry aging process. I don’t think very many people recognize “Wagyu” but they all know its famous cousin “Kobe.” (Yes, I’m referring to the How I Met Your Mother episode with kobe beef fed lobster.) The beefy flavor was just “wow” on your palette!  and the bread was wonderfully toasted and buttered. My wagyu beef burger had goat cheese and bacon.Delicious!

wagyu beef w bacon and goat cheese


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