The Ruby Slipper Cafe in New Orleans, LA


The Ruby Slipper Cafe
139 S Cortez St.
New Orleans, LA


I had been wanting to check out this cafe for quite some time (that list is evergrowing). I was debating between going to this location and the downtown location. I figured the parking situation had to be better in Mid-City then downtown. I did not take into account all the “school zones” and traffic cams between me and Mid City neighbhorhood. Ugh! It sucked! do you know how aggravating it is to go 20 mph when you’re hungry?  And then when I got there, it was all residential areas with no parking signs for weekdays all day long. wowwwwww

Anywho, when I finally found parking, I entered the cafe and it was quaint. A friendly waittress said I could sit anywhere so I sat by the largest windows so that I could get nice photos. Unfortunately, the table where I sat happened to be out of the way for the waittress and so she only came by once in a while and it was always difficult to get her attention. When she did come by the table, I asked her for suggestions and she said the Migas breakfast was her favorite so I ordered it. A Tex-Mex egg scramble featuring onions, tomatos, cilantro, pepper jack cheese, tortilla chips and spicy chorizo sausage. This was the perfect salty fix I was looking for. I thought it was creative that the Tex Mex scramble was on top of a bed of tortilla strips. Very nice.


I live next door to a Popeye’s so biscuits are always on my mind. When I saw them on the menu, I decided to get one as a splurge. I got one to end my meal. It was dry, even with butter and jam on it. I wasn’t a fan of this biscuit but I probably will come back to this place (maybe the other location) and try some other things from their menu.
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