H-Mart Food Court in Philadelphia PA

H Mart
7052 Terminal Sq
Upper Darby, PA 19082

Korean street food


Korean-Chinese food

I was craving Korean food and I couldn’t decide which Korean restaurant in Philly to visit so we settled on the H-Mart food court for those who can’t make up their minds. I was split between these two places and Joe being awesome as he is, left me order from both places!


Since I was craving Korean food, I went with the most traditional Korean dish I could think of, BULGOGI!  This bulgogi wasn’t that great though. It was alright for food court food though. This came from the korean street food restaurant.

korean fried chicken

I went with the Korean fried chicken which was not great. Not sure how, but the batter was somehow soggy! What the heck is up with that. Definitely not ordering this again. What a disappointment. This was also from the Korean street food restaurant.


Joe got the bowl for the really indecisive! It’s half jajangmyung (the black bean paste) and half jambong (spicy seafood noodle soup). In my opinion, the jambong is the better of the two but Joe was in the mood for both. This came from the Korean-Chinese  restaurant!


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