Caffe Fresca in Metairie, LA

Caffe Fresca
4445 W. Metairie Ave
Metairie, LA

We came here because we had a groupon. There were recent renovations done and the place looked nice. When we parked, I wasn’t sure if we would get a table. Luckily, when we got in, the majority of the customers were sitting at the bar and the dining area was wide open.


spinach asparagus soup

We decided to go with the Dine for Two for $22 where we each get a soup or salad, an entree from a pre-selected menu and a dessert. Joe and I both had the spinach and artichoke soup, which was ok, not too heavy but not great either.


pasta fresca

Joe had the pasta fresca with the shrimp, crawfish, mushrooms in a butter cream sauce servved over angel hair. The pasta didn’t have much flavor at all. I took a bite of it and was quite disappointed. I have a rule for myself when I go out to eat, order something I don’t/can’t make at home (otherwise, why else would I go out to eat? besides the whole being a lazy American). And I am sad to say, this is a dish that we probably could’ve made at home (better-tasting at home too).


ahi tuna

I had the seared ahi tuna steak, and let me tell you, 6 oz is small! When my tuna steak came out, I was pretty shocked. Now take an average lemon cross-section, and that’s about 80% of the tuna steak! I kid you not! The photo does not lie! Look! Look! Look at how tiny that piece of tuna steak is! It’s practically overshadowed by that sliver of lemon. Besides my ranting about the small size (seriously, what is this? tapas style? ok, it’s out of my system now), the tuna steak was cooked well and flavorful at the very least.  At least the sweet potato fries were yummy.


our dessert was a scoop of vanilla ice cream with some caramel on top. Overall, the evening was alright. Food probably would’ve been better if we had ordered some sandwiches which is what this place is known for. At the end of the evening, we were trying to make a movie showing and we were waiting for the waiter to bring back our credit card and check, and I watched him go to 3 other tables (and back and forth to the kitchen) before coming to our table with the check. Seriously? Yea…….IF I come back here, it’ll definitely be at lunch time and definitely for the sandwiches.

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