Shiao Lan Kung in Philadelphia, PA

Shiao Lan Kung
930 Race St.
Philadelphia, PA

the front

This is a Chinatown staple for Philly. They hold weird hours, I think they’re open for dinner most nights and Friday lunches (but I could be wrong). Anywho, Joe and I ordered to go from here since we didn’t feel like the hassle of looking for parking in Chinatown. We split two dishes. And staying true to the spirit of take out, we didn’t use any of our own dishes or utensils to save the trouble of doing dishes later on.

fried chicken marinated in black bean sauce w no bone

This dish was amazing but tiny! for the price, I would’ve thought the box would’ve been more than 1/3 full. come on! the pieces of white meat were dredged in a flour batter and deep fried and then cooked in a black bean based sauce. I liked that the black bean flavor didn’t overwhelm the other elements going on here (dried red peppers? garlic?)

salt baked shrimp, scallop and squid

the salt baked shrimp and scallop is my favorite in all of Chinatown (that’s right, I’m putting my 2 cents down). I’m not a fan of squid but luckily Joe eats everything so this worked out for us both. Usually when you eat it at a restaurant, the batter is crispy but since we had gotten it to go, the batter had a chance to become a bit soggy. whoops! fortunately, this is a testament to this dish, when I ate it, it was still delicious!

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