Tan Dinh in New Orleans, LA

Tan Dinh
1705 Lafayette St.
Gretna, LA

fried egg rolls

I heard that this is THE place that Vietnamese people like to go to to eat Vietnamese food. My first attempt to check out this place was unfortunate, I was completely ignored for 15 minutes and the place was only 1/3rd full. I realized that I needed to get the attn of the English speaking worker who was taking all the phone calls, and he was never free to look up and take my dam order so I left with a take out menu. I knew that I would not make that mistake again and so next time I was looking for dinner in the West Bank, I called in my order and it was ready to go by the time I arrived. I started off with the fried egg rolls because people had raved about these online. The flavor of the pork was amazing.

Com tom rang muoi

The Com tom rang muoi is a salt and pepper shrimp served with jasmine rice. The shrimp is covered in a flavorful light batter. My only complaint was that there werent more of the shrimp.

Canh ga chien bo

The Canh ga chien bo is crispy chicken wings drizzled with garlic butter with Jasmine white rice. The chicken wings were delicious and crispy. Perfect asian chicken wings!

Suon rang muoi

The Suon rang muoi is lightly battered spare ribs fried until golden brown. I noticed that the jasmine rice plates are more affordable ($10) versus the regular dinner plates which are super expensive.  I had gotten this dish because it had gotten a lot of great reviews but if I had to choose, I would go with the salt and pepper shrimp because they have the same batter and the spare ribs are all the tendons on bone pieces (tiny pieces of meat on each bone). This dish was probably my biggest regret.
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