JG Domestic in Philadelphia, PA

JG Domestic
2929 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA

This was one of the few Chef Garces restaurants that I have not yet had the pleasure of dining at. I specifically planned on taking the train from the airport to the 30th st station just so that I could dine here. That’s right! I made my travel plans around eating at this restaurant. The Cira Center was easy to find when I arrived. However, finding a waiter was not easy. I stood at the front for a good 5 minutes before I started wandering around, thinking about seating myself, I saw other people seated with food so I knew there had to be waiter somewhere. Finally one popped up and I asked “Do I seat myself at this restaurant?” The waiter probably thought I was being a smart-@$$ but I really wanted to know.

the front

After getting seated, it took forever for the waiter to come take my order. Now, come on. There couldn’t have been that many people dining here when I was here at 1:45 PM. I saw that they stopped serving lunch at 2:30 PM so maybe the waiter was frustrated that one more patron had just been added to his section because when he finally did come to my table to take my order, he was very short with his answers to my questions. Didn’t even bother to ask me if I wanted drinks or appetizers.

JG Domestic burger

Lucky for me, the blue plate special of the day happened to be the JG Domestic burger so I got to save a few bucks. I added bacon and caramelized onions (no burger is complete without the essentials). The burger was tender but not too flavorful. The bread roll was delicious though! And the bacon was nice and crispy, just the way I like it.

duck fat french fries

eI saw this on the menu and could not resist. I am in love with duck fat french fries and luckily I’m in the right city for it. These french fries were crispy but not overcooked (like some reviews I had read online), and I loved the dipping sauces that came with it. Mmmmmmm! I would return for these fries alone.Or to stalk one of my favorite chefs in Philly…..
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