Han Dynasty in Philadelphia

Han Dynasty
4356 Main St
Philadelphia, PA 19127

the front

When we got here, I requested a table by the window because I wanted better lighting for my photos. The waittress said no because it was a 4 person table (which I thought was reasonable cuz there were only 2 of us) until she took us to the back and sat us at a 4 person table (she took away 2 place settings before we sat down but i’m not blind!) Then I watched as more White Americans walked in and they were all seated along the windows while all the Asians were seated more inside. What is this? self-hating chinese waittress? Or is it a ploy to get more white people to come dine in the “clean chinese restaurant.” i’m sorry though, if I were walking by a Chinese restaurant and I only saw White Americans in the windows, I wouldn’t dine there because I would assume that it must be Americanized chinese food.

crispy cool cucumber

But with my first bite of food, I thought “Dam it! It’s delicious!” A part of me was hoping that the food would be rotten to match the rotten service. But the window full of acclaims for one of the best Szechuan restaurants in the country were spot on. These cucumbers were crunchy yet refreshing.

hot sauce style beef

he hot sauce style is beef stir fried with cabbage and celery in an authentic Sichuan chili oil hot sauce. This was ranked a 7/10 in terms of spiciness by the restaurant. I loved the bit of cilantro on top, added a freshness to the spicy dish. The beef slices were tender and juicy and the chili oil sauce was delicious.

dry pepper style shrimp

The shrimp is triple flash fried with long dry chili peppers. Ranked a 8 out of 10 for spicy. This dish was my favorite. It was a dry spicy and the shrimp were huge and covered in a deep fried batter. My only complaint was that there were few pieces of shrimp., But still oh so delicious.

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  1. Chances are that I would not be there anyway, I am a New Jerseyan (north), but looking on Urbanspoon for a day trip to Philadelphia. Your story is terrible; you can be sure that I will avoid like the plague. There is no excuse for such discrimination; wish you had said something. Best food in the world? No matter, they do not get my Anglo money.

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