Mahony’s Po Boy in New Orleans, LA

Mahoney’s Po Boy
3454 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115


I’ve been wanting to try out this place for some time. One of my friend’s said this was his favorite po boy shop and so I wanted to give it a try. It was super easy to find parking and it wasn’t super crowded when we arrived. You order at the counter and take a seat while they bring the food out to you. I liked the ambiance except for the part where my boyfriend couldn’t pay attention to our dinner conversation cuz Jeremy Lin was on many of the tv’s.

dirty fries

The dirty fries served with gravy and cheese. The gravy was some sort of meat jus and was muy delicioso!

the peacemaker

The peacemaker has fried oysters, bacon and cheese. This po boy was the winner of the New Orleans Po Boy Preservation festival in 2008. The oysters were super fresh! I love bacon and cheese on any sandwich. I wonder what the back story is on this name, two feuding families that came to peacetalks with fried oysters that were smothered in bacon and cheese?

root beer glazed ham po boy

Joe ordered the root beer glazed ham po boy.  The root beer flavor was subtle. Joe got this cuz he likes to order unique items from menus. I thought the sandwich was pretty good but was hard to enjoy with the savory goodness that was the Peacemaker already on my palate. I would definitely recommend this place to out-of-towners cuz you don’t have to mess with the chaos that is the Quarter to enjoy a good po boy.



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