Ping Pong Szechuan Cuisine in Philadelphia, PA

Ping Pong
Gateway Shopping Center
Radnor Township, PA

This gem is hidden in the Gateway Shopping Center by the Panera bread (which has a huge sign). As you get closer to the door, the pungent smell that is easily recognized as Chinese cuisine wafts through the air, beckoning you to enter.

dan dan noodle

Since I had my own Chinese guide with me, we started off with the dan dan noodle which Joe assured me was a traditional Szechuan dish. When it came out I was surprised at how big the portion was considering that it was an appetizer. This had to be my favorite dish of the meal. The spicy ground pork meat over noodles was delicious!

twice cooked pork

I had ordered this dish under the false pretense that this was gonna be a pork chop dish but what came out looked like slices of pork belly. whoops! that’s the thing with Chinese menus, you never really know what you’re gonna get with a generic description like “chicken in garlic sauce” or  something like that. Well this was another perfect example. This may just be my personal aversion to pork belly but this dish was not very impressive to me.

deep fried chicken w dry chili peppers

So I saw this dish on the menu on the glass windows (yea I’m pretty sure I freaked out the White couple sitting on the other side of the glass because I was pretty close to the window to read the tiny print of the menu. I saw “deep fried chicken w dry chili peppers” and I knew I had to eat here!) Once we were seated, the service was really quick to seat us and get our orders. when I asked about this dish (because it wasn’t on the menu they gave us), they said they would bring out the dinner dish (and it only cost $11!!). Best deal of the meal. The crispy chicken pieces picked up the dry heat of the dish, I was definitely sweating by the end of the meal.

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  1. Hi there.. Saw your comments about Ping Pong Restaurant in Wayne, Pa. I work around the corner from Ping Pong and have gone a few times.. The food is great and I do order the Dan Dan Noodles most of the time. I also had the spicy braised beef in the hot pot which was excellent.. Last night I had their Orange Chicken which aslo was very good.. This surely is one of the better Chinese restaurants around and not many know about it yet.

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