Tiffin Indian Cuisine in Philadelphia, PA

710 W Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA

vegetable samosa

This Indian restaurant has been on my list forever! I was excited to finally have the chance to eat this food (obviously we had the food to go). we started off the night with veggies samosas, I was surprised that the vegetables inside had been mashed to a thick paste. Still tasty though.

garlic naan

No Indian meal is complete without naan, and I decided to go with garlic naan. The naan was fluffy and light and very flavorful.

Basmati rice

I think we have all heard me sing praises of this simple yet hearty dish, the basmati rice. How I love thee, basmati rice.

chicken tikka masala

Of course we got the chicken tikka masala. I love the creamy tomato based sauce, we went with the spicy hotness level and we were sweating while eating this!!  The white chicken meat pieces were huge and plentiful and went well with the tasty sauce.

lamb saag

I was not as impressed with the lamb saag (I know, I know, I always order these 2 dishes at Indian restaurants. I know I need to expand, blah blah blah). There weren’t as many pieces of lamb meat as I would have liked and the usual rich spinach flavor did not come through on this dish.

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