Dong Phuong Bakery in New Orleans, LA

Dong Phuong Bakery
14207 Chef Menteur Hwy
New Orleans, LA  70129

the front

When you make a claim like “Best French Bread in New Orleans” you can be sure that me and my camera will turn up! I came in pretty early on Saturday morning and the line was ridiculously long!! This bakery is teeny tiny! I think with about 10 ppl in the bakery, we were standing elbow-to-elbow while reaching for our various pastries.

baked goods

So early in the morning and stuff is already running out! Makes me feel like a person in that movie, “Confessions of a Shop-a-holic” and you see her at a designer sampler sale and everybody is going nuts over the cheap prices for designer items.

famous French bread

I love that line in Ratatouille, “How do you know good bread? Not the smell! But the sound! >squeezes the bread< A sweet symphony of crackle!”

bahn mi station

Even early in the morning, there was a long line for the bahn mi station so I snuck up to the side and took this picture and left without a sandwich, boohoo!

fried chicken lunch combo

I love my fried chicken with fried rice. It was delicious!

grilled pork chop combo

I wasn’t a big fan of shredded pork but the grilled pork chop was amazing! I love the broken rice.

steamed buns and meat pies!

I got a bunch of these steamed buns and meat pies to eat for breakfast. THey were filled with a savory sauce and pork, chicken and egg. mmmmmmm! It’s easy to see why this place has awesome word of mouth. I’m almost reluctant to post this online because I know the next time I go, there will be more people! (hope that doesn’t come off as conceited.)
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  1. I love this place! The only thing From your review I definitely need to go next time and try the chicken and fried rice. I usually get pho and a couple sweet items from the bakery. I have yet to try the Banh Mi.

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