Pizza Delicious in New Orleans

Pizza Delicious
3334 N. Rampart St.
New Orleans, LA

the front

I don’t visit the Bywater very often mainly because the streets are a mess to navigate but I heard that this pizza is worth it. (you know what I’m talkin about! the streets are so narrow that you get nervous as you drive by and make sure your side mirror is still attached as you try to avoid all the people on bikes in the middle of the street).

the community kitchen

I have a friend who absolutely loves the pizza from this place, and his tip to me was to call before noon on the day you’re picking up and you can pretty much get dibs on whatever time you want. The peeps at Pizza Delicious are moving to their own space in September with the success of raising enough money for their new pizza oven. But since their pop-up-ness is part of their history, I thought I owed it to these guys to check them out before they moved.

white box

I love the plain white box that this pizza pie came in. Have you watched the original Home Alone movie? Where Macauley Culkin is left alone at home during Christmas and since he’s only 6 or 7 years old in the movie and can’t cook, he orders a cheese pizza delivery? When I picked up my order, I had a flashback to that scene where he plays a movie with a machine gun sound so that he can get the pizza boy to drop off the box without seeing the child home alone. And when he picks up his white pizza box and sniffs it,  he says “A lovely cheese pizza just for me.” That’s how I felt when I picked up my white pizza box.

garlic sauteed mushroom and pancetta pizza

I admit it, as I was driving home I kept one hand on the pizza box in the front passenger seat as a mother would protect her child in the front seat. The smell was intoxicating. The white and portobello mushrooms were prepared with garlic and onion and pancetta oil. Pancetta is a cured unsmoked Italian bacon and probably one of my favorite meats in this world. This pizza was to die for!

upside down pineapple cake

I’m a sucker for dessert and wasn’t planning on ordering any (I actually didn’t think Pizza Delicious served desserts) but when I was on their blog looking at the menu for the Sunday I went, I did see some dessert options and so I checked out these two. The cake was light but I wish more of the pineapple juices had soaked thru the cake. The cherry chocolate chip cookie was deceivingly good. Its appearance didn’t do it justice, it looked like a normal cookie but when you took a bite, everything changed! The cherry flavor worked wonderfully with the chocolate flavor.

cherry chocolate chip cookie

If Pizza Delicious continues to serve yummy pizza like this, I will be sure to be one of their 1st customers at their new store.
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