Viva Burrito in Boston, MA

Viva Burrito
66 Staniford Street
Boston, MA

the front

I discovered this gem when I volunteered at Schepens Eye Research institute next door. I used to come here during my lunch breaks, best $6 I’ve ever spent. This has got to be hands down the best burrito in Boston! the awesome thing about this location is that you can park at the parking lots on Charles Ave for the Whole Foods and CVS because the 1st hour of parking is FREE! The free parking makes the burrito taste that much better.

this burrito was bigger than my arm!

I am used to restaurants using crappy quality meat for steak but this place uses grade A meat! The steak was juicy and tender!

And the proportions are geneously obvious. And they are quick to make your food, Good food for a lot for cheap!! Sweet!

steak burrito

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