Mike & Patty’s in Boston, MA

Mike & Patty’s
12 church st,
Bay Village,
Boston, MA

the front

This place has the best Yelp reviews online for Breakfast + Boston search engine. I saw that they opened at 8 AM so my brother and I headed out for breakfast on Sunday morning (thats another positive for this restaurant! I hate waiting forever on Sunday morning for restaurants to open for brunch/breakfast because I’m an early riser).  The front was not easy to find, I walked by it twice before I realized that what I thought was an apartment was actually the restaurant. Definitely a diamond in the ruff (do we all remember which movie I’m quoting right now?)

the classic

The classic sandwich has egg, bacon and cheese on an English muffin (we added the bacon). This is their #1 most popular sandwich. It’s simple, delicious and cheap!  My brother barely gave me time to take a photo (he’s not used to my routine) before he ripped this thing in half and inhaled both halves within seconds.

I love that their menu was sandwiches written on paper plates, tacked to a blackboard. Very cute.

Fancy sandwich

The Fancy sandwich has egg, cheese, bacon, guacamole and house special mayo. Oh my gosh this sandwich was amazing (and a little pricey, twice as expensive). I really liked the house special mayo, had a nice tang to it. Since my brother had finished his egg sandwich so fast, he was eyeing mine because I was being fussy with the photo (I swear, I have more fun taking the photo then eating) so I let him kill off half of my sandwich too.

fresh squeezed OJ

Fresh squeezed orange juice is the best way to start off a Sunday morning (or any morning for that matter). The space they have here is kinda small, so I imagine most people must take their orders to go but it is definitely worth the trip!
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  1. Rory Pettipas says:

    I ate there last month, two mornings in a row. I got the fancy with bacon both times, and if I could have, I would have taken one for later too…so good, and filling! I will be going back for sure on my next trip to Boston.

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