Honeydeux in New Orleans, LA

1912 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA

new frozen dessert place

Honeydeux has opened up nearby where the former Jackson restaurant was (some of you may remember some bad blood between me and the chef at Jackson and so I had avoided this area of Magazine st for some time). But when I saw shaved ice signs, I had to check it out. I got a chance to speak with the owner who actually brought the Asian shaved ice idea from Star Ice in Houston, TX to New Orleans. I’ve noticed there’s  been a sudden tide of frozen dessert places in New Orleans (Red Mango, Pinkberry, etc), but this is unique and there are tons of Asians in New Orleans looking for some Boba tea and shaved ice.


The ambiance is set up like a modern diner, with stools set around a counter.

shaved ice

the asian version of shaved ice comes with yummy condensed milk which gives extra flavoring to the fresh fruits and shaved ice. Star Ice and Honeydeux both like to top their with an additional scoop of ice cream. Love the condensed milk! The mango and strawberries were super fresh. I hope to come back and try some other fruit combinations.


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  1. WOW. ANOTHER yogurt place! But I still am going to want to check this one out. While working in Korea I got Red Mango frozen yogurt that was served ontop of some shaved ice…IT WAS AWESOME! The crunch from the ice went perfectly with the yogurt.

    I guess I will have to pass by this place an try it…but I am still loyal to Pure.

  2. Timmy Skot says:

    Its not yogurt. It’s asian style shaved ice. Imo, it is more refreshing than froyo. I love this place, we were visiting the area & stopped in when we saw the sign. Try the wraps too, highly recommended!

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