Pho Tau Bay in New Orleans, LA

Pho Tau Bay
113 Westbank Expy
Gretna, LA 70053

the front

I’ve heard numerous times that this is THE place for the best pho in New Orleans. Joe is a huge pho lover and so I vowed to bring him here the next time he was in town and boom here we are! My friend Davie N. said that the broth here is like crack and steroids for him.  That is pretty good word of mouth!


the condiments are crucial! You need to find the perfect balance so that the your broth flavor is enhanced by the hoisin sauce and sriracha sauce.

egg rolls

The egg rolls were delicious! Wrapped in paper thin sheets and then deep fried!

Spicy beef stew

Joe ended up not being in the mood for pho and so he went with spicy beef stew. He was hoping for it to be more spicy than it actually was but the beef was so tender that it fells to pieces at the touch of his fork. He said the broth was delicious too.

beef w deep fried soft egg noodles

These crispy noodles are my favorite! They soften with the temperature of the sauce. The sauce was your typical sweet Asian sauce but the bits of meat was delicious and tender. The vegetables and pineapples were so fresh!


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