Los Paisanos in New Orleans

Los Paisanos
3336 S Claiborne Ave
New Orleans, LA 70125

the front

This authentic Latin American oasis is found at Louisiana Ave and S Claiborne in that little shady plaza with the laundromat. I would recommend going during the day time because this area can get shady at night.


You know you’re in for a treat when the workers don’t speak English. It took a lot of pointing to the menu on the wall and hand gestures to get our order in. I was so excited to come here and it paid off! I have a new favorite burrito place!


No Mexican meal is complete without this Mexican sparkling soda. We got tricked tho, we thought we ordered lime flavor but after she had opened the bottle and brought it to our table, we saw that it was grapefruit which was fine just not what we wanted.

pork tacos

Out of all the different meats we had, Joe’s favorite was the pork. It was definitely very flavorful and juicy. The corn soft tacos were delicious! Very fresh ingredients.

beef burrito

My love for burritos began in San Diego and has led me all over the place trying to find one that could compare and I believe I have finally found one. This burrito was just so authentic tasting and bursting with fresh flavors. I will definitely be coming back more often for this burrito! For those who are looking for true authentic burrito might be a lil disappointed cuz this burrito has rice in it like they do in California.

chicken quesadilla

The chicken was probably the most bland of the 3 meats we had. The quesadilla was pretty typical but still yummy as long as you ask for them to bring out those green and red hot sauces!

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