Churros cafe in Metairie, LA

Churros Cafe
3100 Kingman St.
Metairie, LA

the front

This little gem is hidden away in a plaza off Veterans Memorial Blvd in Metairie by the Starbucks and Izzo Burrito. You know it’s the good stuff because the workers in the kitchen area only speak Spanish. The owner who works the cash register is fluent in English though, When I enter the small restaurant, my eye is immediately drawn to the table reserved for the “Cuban Mafia only” hahaha.

These empanadas were good and packed chockful of flavor. The outer crispy skin did not detract from the beefy flavor. This dish has similar origins to the Cuban sandwich, it was made portable for workers back in the day. The empanada is an individual portion of pie, meat and veggies wrapped in pastry dough.

gooey cheese

The cheese is my favorite part of any sandwich and this was no exception. You have no idea how excited I was when I opened my sandwich and saw this gooey cheese. I love Cuban sandwiches!

Cuban sandwich

This Cuban sandwich was voted best in the city and it’s easy to see why. Not a single detail is missed. The bread is toasted with butter and covered with spicy mustard. This sandwich includes ham, roasted pork, swiss cheese, and pickles. Now, I’m not a fan of pickles, but I loved the pickles in this sandwich! The tangy sour pickle flavor offset the sweetness of the toasted butter. The reviews of this place rave about fresh ingredients which I must agree on, and I can definitely vouch for the flavor here!

i want more empanada!

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  1. Julia Staisch says:

    Being half-cuban, I approve of this message.

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