Wynn Buffet in Las Vegas, NV

The Wynn Buffet
3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Wynn Buffet

So Joe wanted us to come here at a time where we could pay for the lunch price but get the dinner menu. I was skeptical about this plan but when we got there, there were so many people that I knew this had to be true.

the buffet

There were so many stations! a meat station, an Italian station, a cheese station, an Asian station, an American station

sushi station

Lots of little soups

little soups

kalbi steak

I kid you not, they had prime rib and an entire turkey that looks like it belongs on a thanksgiving table

prime rib




. But of course, the longest line was for the crab legs  (all Asian people, I might add, in line). While i was waiting in line, I saw the platter dwindle and I was getting pissed off that it would run off before I got to the front of the line. Luckily, they had guys waiting with refills and they refilled it for the person in front of me. Fresh crab legs!

tons of crab legs

My 1st plate (trying to limit the amount of carbs): went with lox and cream cheese, sushi roll, kobe beef meat loaf, Kalbi steak, dim sum, egg roll., etc.

my 1st plate

Joe couldn’t resist the pizza

carb splurge

My two favorites: cheese and desserts!


lots of choices for dessert


trying a little bit of everything

the warm brownie was the clear winner of the desserts


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  1. LOL. I went here for Thanksgiving and stood in a line for 2 hrs. It was worth it though. This is definitely the best buffet I’ve ever been to.

  2. Wow, this looks REALLY good. I have been looking for a good buffet in Las Vegas. I have to work the often. …FYI the Paris buffet is not worth it.

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