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Boswell’s Jamaican Grill in New Orleans, LA

3521 Tulane Ave.
New Orleans, LA

fresh from Jamaica

I am so glad I stumbled across this restaurant on urbanspoon. I had been getting bored of the restaurant scene in New Orleans and needed something to awaken my palette. Enter Boswell! I don’t know if that’s the name of our server but we decided to call him Boswell all night. I was having trouble deciding on my sides and so “Boswell” told me to just have a seat and he would bring out two sides for me!

chicken curry

My friend Adam and his fiancee Connie had ordered the Roti Chicken dinner plate and the Chicken Curry dinner plate. They tasted similar except one was covered by that famously thin and delicious flat bread. I loved the chicken curry sauce, I found myself stealing bits of it

Roti chicken dinner plate

I myself was in the mood for jerk chicken (Jamaican restaurant, come on!) I got the jerk chicken and pork combo. Luckily it was mostly chicken because that was the one with better flavor. Usually with jerk chicken dishes, the chicken tastes great but feels dry. This chicken was juicy and delicious!

Jerk chicken and pork combo

Props to Boswell for picking out some delicious side dishes for me! The callaloo medley looks like creamed spinach minus the cream. It had juices and was packed full of flavor and spices. When I looked it up (cuz I had never heard of callaloo), this Jamaican spinach leaf is prepared with salt, scallions and onion and then steamed. yummy!


so the menu said “rice and peas” but I’m like 80% sure I was eating red beans and rice. it tasted good but I kept turning it over with my spoon, looking for those little green suckers that i despise. Fortunately, I did not run into a single one.

rice side dish

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Juice Bar in Boston, MA

Juice Bar
44 Harrison Ave.
Boston, MA

the front

After we had read thru the menu, we tried to order but the woman behind the counter was pointing to items on the menu so I was scared that something would get lost in translation and I would end up with the wrong order. Luckily,that was not the case. As I took my camera out to take pictures, the woman said something in very loud chinese and when she realized that I didnt understand, she pointed to my camera and shook her head no very violently.

taro milk tea

black sesame seed milk tea

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RECIPE: Jajangmyun (Korean noodles in black bean sauce)

Noodles (I liked the hand-cut noodles from the frozen section of asian grocery stores)
black bean paste (few huge tablespoons)
sirloin steak cubed  about a lb
one large white onion chopped
one large zucchini chopped and some can be sliced thinly for topping
1 clove of garlic diced

1. Make the noodles by hand……….. Just kidding!! Go to the freezer section of your local oriental grocery market and look for the already made noodles. Be sure to separate these before putting them into the boiling pot of water (with oil to help keep the noodles apart when cooking).

separated noodles

2. Heat a large saute pan and add oil. Once hot, add garlic, sliced onions and black bean paste (also from an oriental market, look in the sauce aisle). Once the onions are cooked, add water.If you plan on having a meat in here (like chopped up sirloin or pork), add it with the garlic and sliced onions.


3. Once the sauce is an even consistency, add the zucchini (it cooks very fast so we save it for the end).

4. Once the noodles are done, put it in a collander and then rinse with cold water to stop the cooking process.

5. Arrange noodles in serving bowls and pour black bean sauce on top. And then add sliced zucchini on top for added freshness.


this is one of my favorite dishes to eat. my extended relatives all live in Los Angeles which is famous for their Koreatown. My grandfather’s dental office is actually across the street from a very popular Korean mall which has a Sino-Korean (chinese/korean) restaurant on the first floor in front of the water fountain. I have happy memories of my grandpa taking me and my sister here first thing whenever we flew in from BOS to LAX. My grandparents would watch in amazement as I would inhale my entire bowl without coming up for air. My mom has told me a bunch of times that this is a dish that I should not eat while on a date (cuz you get brown sauce all over your face).

Jajangmyeon (자장면/ 炸醬麵)

Guru the Caterer in Somerville, MA

Guru the Caterer
1297 Broadway
Somerville, MA

the front

I was having a hankering for Indian food but didn’t want to deal with the crazy boston lunch rush. This place opened at 11 AM, so while in my pajamas at 11:10 AM, I called this place from my bed in Andover to place an order for take out (should take like 20-30 min which is about the time it will take for my commute). When I called to place my order, the guy on the phone said “10 minutes.” I thought “CRAP!” and jumped out of bed and got ready so fast and yet I was still 20 minutes late to pick up my food. The awesome thing was that my food was waiting for me on a heater and so when I finally got my food home, it was still warm.When I got to this location, I could see why this is a take out location, there were only 2 tables!

chicken tikka masala

This chicken tikka masala lived up to its hype. This was one of the best I’ve ever had. It came with a side of aloo methi (potatoes with fenagreek leaves and spices).

sloo methi

the flavor of the aloo methi was actually too strong for me


Guru the Caterer on Urbanspoon

the filling was the kind where they mash up everything and then put it inside the dough. I prefer the other way where you can tell what is what.

C’est La Vie in New Orleans, LA

C’est La Vie
4206 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA


This is the new French bistro restaurant uptown. They’re not getting their liquor license until April so it’s BYO until then (no corkage fee for the first 3 bottles of wine!) The clientele was pretty mixed between people in their 20s and people in their 50s.

French onion soup

The French onion soup was phenomenal! The onion soup was topped with melted cheese toast.

Pork medallions

I apologize for the poor lighting of these photos. Unfortunately, these uptown restaurants are notorious for their dim lighting (romantic ambiance) and so it’s a photographer’s nightmare! Luckily, out of all the photos, this one was the worse. This dish has pork medallions in a dijon mustard cream sauce, potato au gratin, and ratatouille.


I got to try one of my friend’s mussels and they were pretty good.  This dish had steamed mussels with white wine sauce served with french fries.


The duck had good reviews online and came highly recommended by the waittress and so this is what I got. The duck breast is served with lingonberry sauce, ratatouille and mashed potato

C'est la Vie French Bistro on Urbanspoon

RECIPE: Lobster

Live lobsters from the shore (not Jersey)

Live Lobsters

my mom named this one Mr. Lobster

1. Boil the water
2. Melt the butter and squeeze in lemon

cut up the lemon

3. Add live lobster to boiling water until the shells are a nice bright red.

yummy lobsters

Being a Boston girl, my mom said I should know how to crack my own lobster so I gave it a shot. First you flip it upside down so that the stomach part is up, then you run a knife from the neck (??) to the tail. Then crack on either side of the tail to help crack the shell, then pull out the tail intact if you can (it takes mad skills!). Then crack the claws for the rest of the meat. yea, can you believe it? for how expensive a freaking lobster is, about only 20% of it is edible lobster meat.

check out those skills!!!

 Some other seafood recipes
Bruschetta with shrimp
honey ginger grilled salmon
Salmon cakes
Salmon in chipotle sauce
Spicy korean fried shrimp

Zoe’s in Baton Rouge, LA

7707 Bluebonnet Rd.
Baton Rouge, LA


Me and my friends happened to be in Perkins Rowe and decided to grab a quick bite to eat at an affordable price. I was told that this place was the solution. This place reminds me of Panera (all you Northerner’s will know what I’m talking about).

chicken kabob

The chicken kabob plate comes out with 2 skewers, grilled peppers and onion, tomato, rice pilaf and side greek salad. The rice pilaf wasn’t amazing but the chicken was juicy. Ok, maybe a Panera with a Greek influence.

vegetable kabob

The vegetable kabob plate had charbroiled portobello, zucchini, peppers, onion, tomato, braised white beans, and side greek salad. Dear Vegetarians, you will not be disappointed!

steak roll-ups

I had the steak roll-ups with sliced tri-tip, swiss, sauteed mushroom, caramelized onions, and dipping sauce which was some sort of blue cheese dressing. The steak was of good quality and surprisingly tasty. When I saw this, I thought oh man, I”m not going to fill up on this but I was wrong! I was a comfortable full (the level past “when’s my next snack” but before “why did I do this to myself!”).

chocolate cake

This had to be one of the moistest, richest chocolate cakes ever. It was spectacular and now I know where to go to assuage my sweet tooth.

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RECIPE Jambbong (korean spicy noodle dish)


1. Rinse the shrimp and start a big boiling pot of water for the noodles.

fresh shrimp

2. Get all the ingredients ready.


3. Add the spicy oil to a hot sauce pan and then throw in the garlic (in big enough pieces so that you can pull them out afterwards).


4. Add in all the other ingredients (veggies).

stirfry everything

5. Add the noodles into the boiling pot and keep mixing the veggies in the  pan.

boil noodles

6. Once the veggies are cooked, add to a big pot of shrimp stock. And once the pot is back to boiling after all the veggies have been added, add the raw shrimp (which does not need long to reach that pink cooked color if the water is boiling when added).


7. Take the noodles from the pot and pour it into a collander and rinse it with cold water to stop the cooking process. Then arrange into individual serving bowls and pour the soup on top.


Nothing like a hot bowl of spicy noodle soup when it’s freaking freezing outside.

Panda King in New Orleans (Dim Sum)

Panda King
925 Behrman Hwy
Gretna, LA

This is the only dim sum restaurant in the area, they serve dim sum on the weekends from 10:30 AM to 2 PM. It is adjacent to a buffet restaurant with the exact same name so don’t make the same mistake as me and wait for your friends for a dim sum lunch at the buffet side…….Cuz you’ll be waiting for a while. So you probably think that I’ll be generous in my review given that this is the only option for dim sum in the area but they actually have a wide range of selections and they’re all pretty decent. Some of the rice noodle dishes are on the bland side, but the rest of the dishes are solid. Definitely worth the drive over to West Bank (don’t forget a $1 for the toll on the way back!)

clams in brown sauce

Hong Kong egg rolls

crabmeat ball

shrimp shumai

shrimp in long rice noodle

shrimp ball

beef chow fun bite size

pork shumai

pork dumpling

red bean paste inside a sesame seed rice ball

Panda King on Urbanspoon