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Yankee Lobster Co in Boston, MA

Yankee Lobster Co
300 Northern Ave.
Boston, MA

the front

I had never been to this area before but this restaurant had rave reviews online and my man needed some clam chowder before he finished his Boston trip.  We got here early for lunch, it was nice! No one else was there. But in the time it took me to scan the menu,a long line had formed behind me which worried me that we wouldn’t find a table (not much space in this joint but the free parking is a definite plus).

the goods

the menu

Lots of choices and the selection looked fresh!

clam chowder

My friend and Joe had the clam chowder which they both said was good. When I sampled some, it was on the watery side for me.

lobster bisque

The lobster bisque was amazing! It was silky and yet there were 4 intact lobster claws in my bowl! The flavors really stood out and I felt bad for hogging it so I gave Joe 2 of the lobster claws.

crabcake sandwich

My friend had the crabcake sandwich. Looked good!

crab roll

lobster roll

These rolls were so money. So much crustacean meat between these two buns. The meats didn’t have too much flavor but the amount of meat was impressive for mid-December. Very generous meat proportions! If you can swing by here for some lobster bisque and lobster roll, you’re in for a treat!

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Mat and Naddie’s in New Orleans, LA

Mat and Naddie’s
937 Leonidas St.
New Orleans, LA

Whenever possible, I try to make dinner reservations ahead of time if I know I will be dining out on a Saturday night. Usually if I don’t call early enough, the restaurant will tell me that they are completely booked. Well not the case with Mat and Naddie’s! When I called, they still had a few availabilities so when I picked up Joe I told him to rush into the car so we could make our dinner reservation.

duck confit salad

Joe and I are so predictable, just from glancing at the menu, I already knew what two appetizers we would most likely order and sure enough when the waiter came around, we got the duck confit salad and crabcakes. Joe asked if we should try something new but I said why mess with something good? PS. im also a super picky eater, so once I find dishes I like, I tend to stick to them like glue…. I thought the salad was surprisingly delightful, and I say surprisingly because all the duck was hidden underneath the lettuce and so when you put your fork down for a bit of lettuce and come back up with a bunch of other delicious treasures like succulent duck, what other word can you use to describe it?


The crabcakes were warm and crisp on the outside. They smelled delicious! A mouthwatering combination of ocean and bread. WHO DOES NOT LOVE THE SMELL OF BREAD? you know what i’m talking about! it’s the same reason y0u all of a sudden get hungry when you’re walking on a block with a bakery. BAM! BREAD SMELL!

rack of lamb

Joe ordered the rack of lamb but he didn’t realize it would come out as lollipops of meat (I don’t know why because the description clearly said it would). He let me try one and it was delicious!

filet mignon

I had the filet mignon. It was melt-in-your-mouth-good! I have a few friends who are vegetarians and I say, hats off to you guys. I don’t know how you do it. I don’t think I could ever cheat on Meat with Veggies. =)

I think this place is a gem regardless of its location. When I was parking, I saw a security guard standing out front and thought, oh geez! please God let me find a parking spot within sight of the security guard. Let me explain, this area by the riverfront tends to be dodge-y at night and I’m already super paranoid….And it doesn’t help that we get emails from Tulane Security saying a younger person got mugged at gunpoint in this area at 3 AM (ok, why would you be out here at 3 AM anyways?). I figured since it was 6:30 PM, parking around the corner from the restaurant would be fine but I admit, after dinner, I did make joe join me in a light jog back to the car because I realized I was holding around 3G’s worth of camera gear around my neck.

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Za Restaurant in Cambridge, MA

Za Restaurant
350 3rd st.
Cambridge, MA

the front

This area in Cambridge is up and coming. A lot of developers have been coming in and renovating old buildings and with it, a lot of corporations have been moving branches into this area and with them comes a bunch of yummy restaurants such as this one.

the special pizza of the day

As my friend and I were looking over the menu, the truffle oil both caught our eye. We ordered a special pizza of the day with shiitake mushrooms, potato cream, sweet onion, gruyere, parmesan, white truffle oil and scallions.  This was delicious!! I loved that the truffle oil was there but not overwhelming. The pizza was  a medium crust (somewhere between Chicago deep dish and NY’s thin crust).  The service was wonderful and the ambiance was nice.

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Mom's Apple Pie in Sebastopol, CA

Mom’s Apple Pie
4550 Gravenstein Highway North
Sebastopol, CA 95472-2240

mom's apple pie


more selections!

One of the women working at a nearby vineyard suggested this place for yummy food so we stopped by. I was pleased with all the choices!

apple cider

I think the best thing here was the apple cider.

apple pie

I got the apple pie because that is the name of the store. I was shocked and grossed out by the apple pie. It just did not taste good at all. What a pity.

blackberry pie

the other pie we had was blackberry. this one was pretty good.

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Jungle Cafe in Houston, TX

Jungle Cafe
9889 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX

the front

we came here for some desserts. they are all very prettily decorated and at extremely high prices! overall, i thought the quality was good but not great especially in the flavor category.

pistachio cake

this cake had a velvety pistachio flavor to it. it was very rich.

black forest cake

i was excited for this cake because it was supposed to be a chocolate cake that tasted more like a brownie. the star of this dish was the chocolate macaroon. it was light and airy and flavorful.

Applewood Inn in Guerneville, CA

Applewood Inn
13555 California 116
Guerneville, CA




eggs w gruyere



The Applewood Inn has recently received its first Michelin Star. We weren’t able to eat here for dinner so we had it for breakfast during our stay there. I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the food.

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Tapioca House in Houston, TX

Tapioca House
9104 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX

the front

with so many choices in chinatown for Boba, how did I end up here? This place is known for their soft and flavorful boba (or tapioca balls or pearls). I went with taro which is my favorite.


they serve hot plates and boba drinks. i was not impressed by the sign that was charging extra money for various things (an additional 50 cents if you ordered an iced coffee without ice?)

taro boba tea

the taro drink was delicious and i gotta admit, the boba was really good quality.

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Broussard's in New Orleans, LA

819 Rue Conti Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

When I came here, I thought the courtyard was beautiful. Unfortunately there was an event taking place so I couldn’t eat outside.


I had a groupon for here, so I was looking forward to dining here. The ambiance was classy and upscale. There were plenty of waiters but service seemed awfully slow considering how many waiters there were.


My friend had ordered the salmon. With her first bite, she looked like she was going to gag. I leaned over and took a bite and immediately knew why, there was an awful taste. I think the fish had gone bad. This can happen to any chef but I would’ve appreciated a chef who could’ve picked up on this.

salmon jean lafitte

I had the redfish with lump crabmeat and shrimp on top. This came highly recommended by the waiter. It was so delicious that my dining companion ordered it as her replacement dish for the first one. It was very accommodating of the restaurant to send out another dish free of charge. However the experience was ruined when we were trying to head out, we had to ask 3 different waiters to bring us our check and still it took a super long time for someone to finally bring it out.

Redfish Broussard's

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Spindletop In Houston, TX

1200 Louisiana St.
Houston, TX

to the top of the Hyatt

we dined at the top of the Hyatt tonight at the Spindletop. even though we arrived 2 hours before our reservation, they sat us right away (they told us they were completely booked which is why we had such a late reservation to begin with, but when we arrived, about half of the tables were empty).


we started off with the crabcake with chipotle remoulade and mango salsa. the crabcake had a ton of crabmeat in it(very nice! not much filler).

seared tuna

the seared tuna wasn’t very impressive. the pan seared tuna was served with lime wasabi, fried tortilla stack and passion fruit sauce.

avocado dome

the avocado dome is the appetizer the Spindletop is known for and so we actually ordered this first and was told that they were out. After our other 2 appetizers came out, the waiter brought out an avocado dome on the house (he said they were able to put one together).the description said it would be served with lump crabmeat but I think they filled it with some sort of cole slaw with a bit of crabmeat.

Seafood paella

the seafood paella is the signature dish and is served with Maine lobster, black mussels, clams, chorizo sausage, shrimp and fire roasted corn.

porterhouse steak

the porterhouse steak was the special of the night. the member of my party that ordered this dish asked for medium rare and when he cut into the steak, it was well-done. he wasn’t going to complain tho because the restaurant had given us a free avocado dome, but the waiter happened to be walking by when this happened and told us that he had already placed an order for another porterhouse steak and took the well done one back to the kitchen. sadly, this porterhouse steak did not arrive until everyone else was done with their entrees. but at least the new steak was medium rare!

sea bass

i had the sea bass and let me tell you, this plate sang! it was amazing! the pan seared sea bass was cooked in a lavender-lime reduction. it was cooked well and was light and flaky to the touch. this poblano jam (purple mashed potato looking stuff) was amazing! it tasted great and was slightly sweet.

filet mignon

joe had the filet mignon which wasn’t the most tender of filets i’ve ever had but was ok. the filet mignon was prepared in a demi shallot glaze. it was served with texas roasted goat cheese which was crunchy.

strawberry shortcake

our table received a free strawberry shortcake because they had messed up the porterhouse steak order. the shortcake was delicious and accentuated the strawberries.

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