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Wasabi Sushi in New Orleans, LA

Wasabi Sushi
900 Frenchmen St.
New Orleans, LA

the front

Frenchmen St is known for being on the hipster side and so the food is usually pretty remarkable. This place, however, was not.


I did like the decor. Bit more trendy then most Japanese restaurants but hey, this is Frenchmen St we’re talking about. I had heard terrible things about the service here but I guess since I was the only customer, the service was alright.

wasabi honey shrimp

I almost ordered this as my main dish, I’m glad I didn’t. The shrimp had a weird taste and a rubbery texture. I’m not sure where the weird taste was originating from…..

Wasabi House roll

The wasabi house roll had creamcheese and crab with salmon and eel with crunchy flakes on top. This sushi roll came with a wasabi sauce that was a little too strong for my preferences. Overall, I didn’t think the quality was that great and this place just did not agree with my palette at all.

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Juice Box in Houston, TX

Juice Box
9889 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX

the front

this is the place to go to for shaved ice. for under $10, you can get a refreshing, fruity dessert.

shaved ice w banana, mango and strawberries

i had the mangoes, banana and strawberry with a scoop of strawberry ice cream. i was surprised by the condensed milk which worked nicely to hold together the ice shavings. the fruit were all very fresh. this is an excellent treat on a hot summer day.

shaved ice

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Salivation Station Food Truck in Baton Rouge, LA

Salivation Station


i was in baton rouge and stopped by this eatery staple. Mostly curtailing to the student clientele, this food truck was located on a college campus. I had been following this place on twitter and was salivating over the sandwich descriptions.

1st Degree: Ultimate Grilled Cheese Panini: 3 Different Cheeses (American, Pepper-Jack, Cheddar) grilled onions, tomatoes, fresh Basil,  and chili’s on our Louisiana Panini bread all melted together.

2nd Degree: Stuffed Turkey Club Panini: Stuffed with smoked turkey and black forest ham, w/ American and Swiss cheeses w/ lettuce, tomato, and bacon on our Louisiana panini bread.

3rd Degree: Ragin Cajun Panini: Our grilled thin sliced chicken, sausage, bacon crumbles, topped with American and Pepper jack cheeses and our spicy chipotle remoulade. Sure to WOW you!

4th Degree: Southwest Chicken Chipotle Wrap: Grilled chicken breast on a warm tortilla topped w/ homemade boudin and our Mexican corn, tomato, and green chili salsa. With American and Pepper-jack cheeses and finished w/ our Jalepeno Aoli and Chipotle Aoli

5th Degree: Cajun Smoked Andouille Wrap: (Think deconstructed Jambalaya) Cajun smoked Andouille Sausage on a warm tortilla, topped w/ our salivating boudin, grilled onions and peppers, and a chipotle remoulade.

6th Degree: Salivating Pulled Pork Wrap: Our tender, juicy pulled pork on a warm tortilla. Topped with our homemade boudin, coleslaw, and finished off with a Cilantro/jalapeno aoili. Yum

bacon burger

but when I arrived, I had a chance to speak to the cook and he told me that this bacon burger (bacon grounded into the meat patty) was his new brainchild, I wanted to check it out. The meat patty didn’t really hold well together when I ate it but it was delicious.  I probably would’ve preferred more savory toppings than the coleslaw type that came on it.

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Southern Candy Makers in New Orleans

Southern Candy Makers
334 Decatur Street
New Orleans

This famous candy store is located in the heart of the French Quarter. Walk inside and sample pralines!
you can go up and down the counter, selecting treats for your box and then they plastic wrap the box for you to keep it fresh! they have a back wall with shelves of New Orleans gifts making this the perfect place to send gifts for people that have never been to New Orleans. The pralines are good too.

pecan praline

chocolate praline

turtle praline

The pralines are sugar-y goodness! The service here was kinda snooty which was surprising for a candy store.  Since I wasn’t offered any samples, I chose 4 different pralines that I thought sounded good. They were alright but I thought over-rated for the best pralines in New Orleans.

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Mac's Deli in Santa Rosa, CA

Mac’s Kosher Delicatessen and Restaurant
630 4th St
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

mac's deli

we stopped by for lunch at a place that seemed to be popular according to locals.the place was a mix between deli and diner.


the reuben sandwich came out w a ton of corned beef. Almost too much to bite! The bread was crispy and the corned beef was chewy. the sandwich was alright and came as the most popular menu item.


there was a ton of curly fries and the waittress suggested I try them with ranch dressing.

curly fries

Joe had the half pastrami sandwich. pastrami is smoked after curing but corned beef isn’t. I didn’t really taste the difference.


the half salad came out and it was a typical house salad with ranch dressing. at least the vegetables were fresh.


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Crabby Jack's in New Orleans, LA

Crabby Jack’s
428 Jefferson Highway
New Orleans, LA

I happened to be in the area at lunch time and decided to check out if this place was open. (I had heard through friends that this place keeps odd hours). I think the hours are like 10 AM to 4 PM or so.  This place has the best shrimp po boy award in town and so I had to go and taste for myself. Walking in, I knew what I was going to order beforehand but I was surprised by how small the menu was.

shrimp po boy

I was impressed with just the sheer size of this half sandwich. There was plenty of shrimp for me to make a 2nd sandwich with this thing.  The batter for the shrimp was delicious too. I had ordered my food to go because I was feeling a little self conscious about eating out alone and  I didn’t bring a book and I had already read all the stories on The sandwich smelled so delicious on the drive home. A mix of seafood and salt scent filled my car (the new car smell had been long gone at this point). When I got home and unwrapped this baby, I knew this could easily make two meals. However, losing all sense of propriety and self control after my first bite, I inhaled the entire thing in one sitting as I watched the newest Modern Family episode.

onion ring

I asked what was the best side order and the woman behind the counter told me to get the onion rings. these were super crunchy. Like gonna break your molar and need emergency oral surgery kind of crunchy.

cochon de lait

the cochon de lait was highly recommended as the 2nd best sandwich at this restaurant. since this place is a favorite of locals, I knew I wanted to try this sandwich. Since I was knocked out from my shrimp po boy induced coma, I saved this sandwich for the next day and reheated it in the oven. It was still good. This meat was sooo tasty.

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Goode Co BBQ in Houston, TX

Goode Co
5109 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX

the front

this is THE place to go for Houston BBQ. the sign on the front wall says “You might give some serious thought to thanking your lucky stars you’re in texas.” cute sign.


the prices are really reasonable for the food. there’s a buffet style line and the server is on the other side. you tell them what you want on your plate and at the end of the line, you pay for your plate.

ribs with prime rib and 2 sides

the ribs were practically falling off the bone. we asked for the BBQ sauce on the side. the sauce was home made and tasted like authentic BBQ sauce. i was not a fan of the sides (jambalaya, beans).

brisket with pork sausage and 2 sides

the brisket had a heavy smokey flavor. i liked the pork sausage a lot (the casings were crisp). i loved the jalapeno cheddar bread that came with each plate.

brisket sandwich

the brisket sandwich is their specialty. the bbq sauce balanced the smokey flavor of the brisket. the bread was chunky white. (i wish they had used the cheddar jalapeno bread instead).

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Curbside burger in Baton Rouge, LA

Curbside Website
Curbside Twitter

the holy grail of burgers

after many attempts to track down this truck on twitter, I finally had success! And the wait was well worth it. The brains of this operation gladly filled the niche of delicious street food made with local and fresh ingredients.

KGB burger

i knew there could only be one burger for me: the KGB Burger. The Burger has home-ground meat, with praline bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato. The praline bacon added a crunchy texture and sweetness that is a surprise for a burger of this size. I hate those wimpy flat patties, this was a real hamburger!

Wiemer fries

I got the Wiemer fries which were a combination of parmesan cheese, garlic and white  truffle oil. I could hear the angels sing as I licked this off my fingers. The side order is quite large so I recommend splitting (if you have enough willpower. I don’t…heehee). The white truffles were a dominant flavor.

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Three Muses in New Orleans

Three Muses
536 Frenchmen St.
New Orleans, LA


This place has had quite a hype. Being on a fun street like Frenchmen St, you have to curtail to a certain hipster clientele. The happy hour is super long and there are bands constantly rotating throughout the night which does present a problem for dinner conversations but is entertaining nonetheless.

$3 margaritas!

My friends and I came here during happy hour and we were glad to take advantage of it. We started it off with $3 margaritas.  The margaritas were refreshing on a hot summer day. I wish mine had more alcohol but that’s just personal preference.

deviled egg with vodka cured salmon

The deviled egg didn’t have an overwhelming yolk flavor which was a relief.  The vodka cured salmon was creative and I definitely could appreciate the taste of vodka.

pretezel wrapped bratwurst

This pretzel wrapped bratwurst came out on sauerkraut (fermented cabbage, the non-kimchi variety).  These little play on pigs wrapped in a blanket were tasty and juicy at the same time.

feta fries

Feta fries were a dish of crispy fries with feta and gremolata.  Gremolata is a combination of lemon zest, garlic and parsley. These were delicious.

braised rabbit pappardelle

I was a bit hesitant to eat rabbit but the taste wasn’t foreign, it was more the texture that surprised me. These wide sage noodles came out in a white wine mustard sauce. I’m gonna have to say that out of everything we ordered, this dish was probably my least favorite of the night. It just didn’t have the same wow factors as the other dishes.

lamb sliders

These were my favorite. The lamb sliders had tomato chutney and herbed goat cheese. The lamb meat was tender and succulent. I wish there were more of these!

chipotle pork tostones

this was also off the happy hour menu (seriously people, 4 PM to 7:30 PM! you need to hit that!). the meat was good but the chipotle flavor really came threw.

steak and crab

This dish was hard to share with other people as only one thing of grilled Harris Ranch Hanger steak on top of a crabcake came out. Hanger steak is not known for being a tender cut but word on the street is that it is quite flavorful. And by word on the street, I mean here on this blog. This was delicious and probably my #2 favorite of the night. The crabcake was money!

fish taco

The seared drum came out topped with tangy slaw and avocado cream. These were delightful. We were told that this was a favorite among customers and it was easy to see why.

mushroom canelloni

This dish was yummy. Although the marsala mushroom sauce was pretty hard to soak in with the mushroom wrapped canelloni.

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