Bay Leaf Indian Cuisine in Baton Rouge, LA

Bay Leaf Indian Cuisine
5160 South Sherwood Forest Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA

This place was recommended to us as THE authentic Indian eatery in town. We came here and were promptly greeted at the door and brought to a spacious booth even though there were only two of us (awesome!). The crispy bread and 2 chutney sauces were brought as we poured over the menu. I love that sweet brown one.

dipping sauce

after going thru the menu over and over, we made our decision. we ordered an appetizer and two entrees. the service was great, they were always quick to refill our water (altho the food did take a while to come which was fine by me cuz it meant more effort was put into it, right?).

Assorted Appetizers

the appetizers included 2 samosas (Crispy triangular pie stuffed with seasoned potatoes, peas and herbs), one aloo tikki (Patty made from seasoned potatoes and herbs), Mix Bajia (Crisp fritters made out of cauliflower, potato, paneer, whole spinach leaf, onion and spices).

garlic naan

how can you eat at an Indian restaurant without naan? tell me! how ? the naan was light and fluffy and packed with garlic-y goodness. it was the perfect texture to add to a wonderful bite of curry but did not steal the spotlight from the rich flavor of the curry.

Biryani rice

i love the texture and scent of Indian rice. so much flavor for such a simple dish.

chicken tikka masala

Chunks of chicken breast marinated in tampered yogurt sauce baked in a tandoor and curried in a creamy tomato base masala (“mixture of spices”) sauce. chicken tikka masala has to be my favorite Indian dish. I know, I know, this isn’t the most adventurous dish out there but it’s delicious! This preparation had a richer flavor to it than I usually associate with this dish.

chicken saagwala

Curried chicken cooked with fresh chopped spinach and lightly spiced. the spinach sauce was the perfect blend between spices and savory. tasted great on the garlic naan!  I probably could’ve done with more chunks of chicken but the curry was amazing.

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