Surrey's La Playa Juiceteria

Surrey’s La Playa Juiceteria
1200 Carondelet St.
New Orleans, LA

I’ve driven by this place countless times but it was always closed. I finally got here before they closed and found the place empty. The ambiance rings true of Surrey’s beach theme.


I was looking over the menu and saw that a cup of fresh orange juice was $6. I remembered that fresh squeezed juice was just as expensive at the original Surrey’s.  I was quite disappointed by the quality of the juice. It hardly tasted freshly squeezed.

"fresh squeezed juice"

the breakfast sandwich which was also $6 wasn’t half bad. The croissants looked extremely yummy on the front counter and so I got my breakfast sandwich on a croissant.


breakfast sandwich

and it came with a side of potatoes which must have been made a week or so ago because they tasted re-heated.

side of potatoes

a cool mix of signs:

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