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Yvette Marie's Cafe in Baton Rouge, LA

Yvette Marie’s Cafe
1857 Government Street
Baton Rouge, LA


this hole in the wall sandwich shop is located in a antique shop. the walls are decorated with local artists work. while you are waiting for your sandwich, you can browse through the interesting gifts in the antique shop.

Greek Chicken Salad

The Greek chicken sandwich has grilled chicken breast layered with feta cheese, spinach, roasted peppers and home-made basil pesto. The grilled chicken was a bit dry but the pesto helped with the moisture. This sandwich was ok.

jalapeno chicken sandwich

the jalapeno chicken sandwich has grilled chicken breast, spinach, cheddar, and roasted red peppers on a jalapeno cheddar roll. This sandwich made me realize why so many people come here to dine. The sandwich was delicious!

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Spicy Szechuan in Houston, TX

Spicy Szechuan
9888 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX

Spicy Szechuan

if you’re in the mood for spicy food in Chinatown, then look no further!

spicy fish

we started off with the spicy fish which had to be the spiciest dish of all the ones we ordered. it was white fish and a burnt spicy soup. delicious!

tofu soupit

the tofu soup was barely seasoned. the tofu was huge and soft. it was in a seafood broth.


the shrimp came out on skewers. they also came out with their shells on, making them a bit hard to eat. but once you got all the shell off, they were quite juicy and tasty.

beef tendon

we had spicy beef tendon next which I guess is a popular dish in the Chinese culture.


this was my favorite dish of all, the chicken with peppers. the dried peppers were like 50% of the dish. the chicken strips were fried and crispy. there was just enough batter for the chicken pieces to pick up spicy sauce.

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Bay Leaf Indian Cuisine in Baton Rouge, LA

Bay Leaf Indian Cuisine
5160 South Sherwood Forest Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA

This place was recommended to us as THE authentic Indian eatery in town. We came here and were promptly greeted at the door and brought to a spacious booth even though there were only two of us (awesome!). The crispy bread and 2 chutney sauces were brought as we poured over the menu. I love that sweet brown one.

dipping sauce

after going thru the menu over and over, we made our decision. we ordered an appetizer and two entrees. the service was great, they were always quick to refill our water (altho the food did take a while to come which was fine by me cuz it meant more effort was put into it, right?).

Assorted Appetizers

the appetizers included 2 samosas (Crispy triangular pie stuffed with seasoned potatoes, peas and herbs), one aloo tikki (Patty made from seasoned potatoes and herbs), Mix Bajia (Crisp fritters made out of cauliflower, potato, paneer, whole spinach leaf, onion and spices).

garlic naan

how can you eat at an Indian restaurant without naan? tell me! how ? the naan was light and fluffy and packed with garlic-y goodness. it was the perfect texture to add to a wonderful bite of curry but did not steal the spotlight from the rich flavor of the curry.

Biryani rice

i love the texture and scent of Indian rice. so much flavor for such a simple dish.

chicken tikka masala

Chunks of chicken breast marinated in tampered yogurt sauce baked in a tandoor and curried in a creamy tomato base masala (“mixture of spices”) sauce. chicken tikka masala has to be my favorite Indian dish. I know, I know, this isn’t the most adventurous dish out there but it’s delicious! This preparation had a richer flavor to it than I usually associate with this dish.

chicken saagwala

Curried chicken cooked with fresh chopped spinach and lightly spiced. the spinach sauce was the perfect blend between spices and savory. tasted great on the garlic naan!  I probably could’ve done with more chunks of chicken but the curry was amazing.

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K Paul Louisiana Kitchen in New Orleans

K Paul Louisiana Kitchen
416 Chartres Street
New Orleans, LA

Darn it! Another tourist trap! So this restaurant is pretty much in the heart of new Orleans. Thankfully I walked but it is so hot out! This place has been on my lost for a while and fortunately I was able to come today.

So there is no sign to indicate that you should go to the bar and place your order…. Once you’ve done that, you take a seat and wait for a server w your order to shout your name.
Not too many tables for small groups! Lots of big tables though.

I was having trouble deciding so the guy at the counter said the beef short ribs was the best. So I had the braised beef short ribs which are seasoned, seared and smothered with bacon, onion, bell peppers, celery, garlic, carrots, fresh corn off the fob and beef stock. It comes with fries w garlic olive oil and a side which I chose cheesy grits. Oh my gosh! The meat was all fat! How disappointing for such a reputable establishment. Loosen the purse strings and buy a better cut of meat!

If it werent for the cheesy grits and few french fries, i wouldve left hungry. Even the cornbread was dry!

A new Orleans local had suggested this place to me but I won’t be coming back any time soon (I know restaurants don’t bring their A game to lunch but this low standard was ridiculous!) I hate it when servers only suggest the most expensive item on the menu and not what is actually good.

My other negative thing was that for a can of soda it was $2 but I guess I should take into consideration that I am in the quarter.
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San Dong Noodle House in Houston, TX

San Dong Noodle House
9938 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, TX

the front

this staple in Chinatown is known for their home-made dishes. the noodle is made by hand. you could really appreciate the texture with each bite.

chinese jajangmyun

this dish was pretty good with the ground pork in a brown sauce. it was made awesome by the hot sauce that could be found on each table.

pan fried pork dumplings

the pork dumplings were pretty good. i was wondering why they were open on each end and was told it was so that the fillings could cook. i wonder how the fillings stay inside though with 2 openings like that. the skin was store bought but the filling was delicious.
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Strands Cafe in Baton Rouge, LA

Strands Cafe
226 Laurel Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70810


this is a quaint little cafe in downtown Baton Rouge. From the outside, it doesn’t appear very big but when you walk in, it is very spacious and welcoming.

lots of selection

since we were here for breakfast, I decided to steer away from the chocolate truffles and focus on the breakfast items.

so many choices i couldn't decide

First I started with caffeine. I ordered the toffee cappuccino. The cappuccino was amazing but I was hoping for a stronger toffee flavor.

toffee cappuccino

My friend and I ordered a variety of treats.

almond croissant

the almond croissant was amazing. i think the specialty here is their flaky pastries. their hidden gem is this dough they use.

dark chocolate and pecan scone

my scone was really good. a little dryer than I like my scones but the dark chocolate and pecan was delicious.

spinach pochette

the pochette was a light, fluffy pastry.

cinnamon roll

i heard that this was the best cinnamon roll in town but when I bit into this, it was really dense and heavy. I got really full after a few bites. The cinnamon roll was tasty though.

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Between the Bread in New Orleans

Between the Bread
625 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA

It’s a breath of fresh air to find a casual lunch spot where you can get delicious and healthy meal for under $10.

the specials

It is open daily from 7 AM to 7 PM and it’s your usual deli sandwich and salad place. It gets a bit crowded exactly at noon (probably cuz all the people who work in the area come and grab a bite to eat for lunch).

upstairs and downstairs

deli counter

I had the chicken with pesto sandwich that came with a side of chips for $8.75.  The chicken was good (not your frozen reheated stuff), but what i really loved was the pesto mayo spread.

chicken pesto

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Atwood Bakery in Alexandria, LA

Atwood Bakery
1125 Macarthur Dr.
Alexandria, LA

this bakery was recently showcased on Cake Boss. the desserts are quite good and beautifully decorated. the prices aren’t too bad either. it’s nice that the bakery is also a gelateria, the gelato is probably their best feature. they allow you to sample the flavors but be careful of who helps you out. during my numerous visits to this establishment, i figured out that the younger people who work there are more friendly whereas the elderly gentleman with the chef’s hat is a bit short  with ppl.

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Hubcap Grill in Houston, TX

Hubcap Grill
1111 Prairie
Houston, TX

the front

this is known as the best hamburger joint in houston. the place itself is quite small and there are signs everywhere saying how many ppl can sit at a certain table (so for a bigger table, it said that if you had less than 4 in your party, sit elsewhere)…..

my friend and i weren’t that hungry so we split a double bacon cheeseburger w guacamole. the guacamole tasted like it came from one of those instant packets. i wish i could’ve wiped it off our burger. the bread was good quality but the clear star of this dish was the meat. it was so juicy and delicious.

double bacon cheeseburger with guacamole

the sweet potatoes were super dry and crunchy and lacking in flavor.

sweet potato fries

the chili cheddar fries had a bit more flavor than the sweet potato fries. could’ve used more chili and more cheddar in my opinion.

chili cheese fries

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