Clancys in New Orleans

6100 Annunciation Street
New Orleans, LA 70118-5709

the front

we made a reservation here for lunch because the reviews said to online but when we arrived here the restaurant was practically empty except for a very senior citizens.

hand written menus

Joe had the crawfish bisque, he said there wasn’t much crawfish in it and the bisque was watery.

crawfish bisque

This appetizer was amazing! The fried oysters with brie were perfect. It was piping hot of course but that just made the brie melt faster before I bit into it.

fried oyster appetizer

Joe had the crawfish etouffee and was surprised it wasn’t the typical creamy sauce that etouffee is usually presented in. He actually said that it seemed that they had poured some of the crawfish bisque over rice and called it crawfish etouffee. I hope for Clancy’s sake that they didn’t do that.

crawfish ettouffee

I wasn’t terribly impressed with the crispy soft shell crab. The flavor of the crab was lost among all the spices. The crispiness was a nice texture though.  I had read online that it was one of the best ones in town and so I had high hopes but this dish sort of fell short of my expectations. Also, the mashed potatoes came out really cold!

crispy soft shell crab

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  1. Michael Dominici says:

    Crawfish Etouffee is never creamy. It begins just like gumbo with a roux and a trinity with stock added, then crawfish and sometimes a little butter just at the end if necessary. As for the bisque that your companion described as watery, again that soup does not look watery. It’s a bisque which is almost always thickened with rice and in the case of crawfish (lobster, and shrimp) often finished with a splash of cream.

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