The Company Burger in New Orleans, LA

The Company Burger
4600 Freret St.
New Orleans, LA

the front

I came here on the second day that this place opened for business! I’m glad to see that Freret St. is really trying to clean up its act and invite more businesses into its area. There’s been a recent boom in the restaurants that have opened their doors on this street.


I like the ambiance. it’s minimal (maybe cuz it just opened) and simple. Now some people may think simple is a bad thing, but I like simple! If it’s simple in design, then it’s simple to clean, if it’s simple to clean it probably gets cleaned more often and therefore is more hygienic. get my drift?

the menu

here’s their menu, i saw the lamb burger on the menu and was intrigued but I really wanted to try their Company burger.

the company burger

the company burger has 2 patties (freshly ground Harris Ranch beef), bread and butter pickles, American cheese, and red onions and for an extra $1 you can get bacon. The nice thing about the bread and butter pickles is that its sweeter than your typical pickle and less tangy. The meat patties were juicy and the thin-type (like 5 guys). the bun was toasted and full of substance (loved the bread!). i liked that the red onions didn’t overpower the flavors of the burger (that’s usually a fear of mine since red onions innately have a stronger flavor) and was balanced with the sweetness of butter pickles.

onion rings

my friends had eaten here last night and they got to try every type of side order and said that the onion rings were the best. so when i came today, I already knew which side order I wanted. the red onions’s strong onion-y flavor were complimented well by the thinner batter. this was delicious! I’ll definitely be back to try out that lamb burger and more of those red onion rings!

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