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The Wandering Buddha in New Orleans, LA

The Wandering Buddha
2239 Saint Claude Ave
New Orleans, LA


The Wandering Buddha is located behind the Hi Ho bar, so walk around to the back of the bar and you’ll see three tables set up from 5 PM to midnight. My friend had heard about this new Korean vegan restaurant and since we’re both Korean (& raised in carnivorous families), we wanted to check this out. The server was very friendly and knowledgeable about Korean food (I was thoroughly impressed with his pronounciation).

lettuce wraps

The lettuce wraps had 2 lettuce wraps filled with rice, marinated tofu, zucchini, onions and almonds.  And it was topped with a spicy pepper sauce (gochujang). This was a very refreshing dish (the crisp lettuce and crunchy almonds). I liked it a lot; the almonds added an extra crunch to it.

fried dumplings

The fried dumplings are hand made (well not the skin, but the filling is).  It is filled with tofu and glass noodles (jap chae). These were super hot when they came out; caution when biting into these things! I especially liked the dipping sauce with sesame seeds.

scallion pancake

The scallion pancake is a crispy wheat and rice pancake with scallions prepared in the Chinese fashion (the scallions were cut into small circles versus the long strands that Koreans like). These were quite tasty (the batter) but different than what I am used to. Still, I love that dipping sauce!

cold buckwheat noodles

This was a very different approach compared to the bibim nengmyun that I am accustomed to.  This dish is traditionally made with hot pepper sauce (gochujang) but this dish came out with a somewhat sweeter sauce and lots of veggies. The arrangement with all of the veggies reminds me of bibimbap.It was so refreshing to eat something cold on such a hot day. While this restaurant is a departure from traditional korean food, it is a great spin for vegetarians.

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Clancys in New Orleans

6100 Annunciation Street
New Orleans, LA 70118-5709

the front

we made a reservation here for lunch because the reviews said to online but when we arrived here the restaurant was practically empty except for a very senior citizens.

hand written menus

Joe had the crawfish bisque, he said there wasn’t much crawfish in it and the bisque was watery.

crawfish bisque

This appetizer was amazing! The fried oysters with brie were perfect. It was piping hot of course but that just made the brie melt faster before I bit into it.

fried oyster appetizer

Joe had the crawfish etouffee and was surprised it wasn’t the typical creamy sauce that etouffee is usually presented in. He actually said that it seemed that they had poured some of the crawfish bisque over rice and called it crawfish etouffee. I hope for Clancy’s sake that they didn’t do that.

crawfish ettouffee

I wasn’t terribly impressed with the crispy soft shell crab. The flavor of the crab was lost among all the spices. The crispiness was a nice texture though.  I had read online that it was one of the best ones in town and so I had high hopes but this dish sort of fell short of my expectations. Also, the mashed potatoes came out really cold!

crispy soft shell crab

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Artz Bagelz in New Orleans, LA

Artz Bagelz
3138 Magazine St.
(it’s more on 9th st, on the side of the furniture store)
New Orleans, LA

the front

finding Artz Bagelz was a bit of a challenge because it’s on the side of the furniture store. Maybe a sign or something that says “This Way” for directions-challenged ppl like me. New Orleans def needs a bagel shop and so I’m glad that this business is here to fill that niche. They have a dozen or so flavors available. The bagels are on the smaller side for what I am used to but I was excited nonetheless to try out this place.


i like the ambiance. it’s youthful and very clean. it’s like eating your paperbag lunch on the playground during recess in elementary school.

breakfast sandwich

My friend had the breakfast sandwich with ham, egg, and swiss cheese. she said it was pretty good. My own preference, I don’t like the egg yolk fully cooked when going for sunny side up style.

garlic bagel

my friend had the garlic bagel while I had the asiago cheese bagel. we both agreed that we would’ve liked our bagels to be toasted more. our bagels were still cold but full of flavor. I think they would’ve been a bit easier to chew if they had been toasted longer but again that might just be my personal preference for toasted bagels.

chicken salad sandwich

i had the chicken salad sandwich with garlic herb schmear on asiago cheese bagel. The garlic herb spread was delicious. The chicken salad was minced and pretty typical for a chicken salad. My sandwich was supposed to come with cole slaw or chips and I had asked for cole slaw but it never came out…..

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The Company Burger in New Orleans, LA

The Company Burger
4600 Freret St.
New Orleans, LA

the front

I came here on the second day that this place opened for business! I’m glad to see that Freret St. is really trying to clean up its act and invite more businesses into its area. There’s been a recent boom in the restaurants that have opened their doors on this street.


I like the ambiance. it’s minimal (maybe cuz it just opened) and simple. Now some people may think simple is a bad thing, but I like simple! If it’s simple in design, then it’s simple to clean, if it’s simple to clean it probably gets cleaned more often and therefore is more hygienic. get my drift?

the menu

here’s their menu, i saw the lamb burger on the menu and was intrigued but I really wanted to try their Company burger.

the company burger

the company burger has 2 patties (freshly ground Harris Ranch beef), bread and butter pickles, American cheese, and red onions and for an extra $1 you can get bacon. The nice thing about the bread and butter pickles is that its sweeter than your typical pickle and less tangy. The meat patties were juicy and the thin-type (like 5 guys). the bun was toasted and full of substance (loved the bread!). i liked that the red onions didn’t overpower the flavors of the burger (that’s usually a fear of mine since red onions innately have a stronger flavor) and was balanced with the sweetness of butter pickles.

onion rings

my friends had eaten here last night and they got to try every type of side order and said that the onion rings were the best. so when i came today, I already knew which side order I wanted. the red onions’s strong onion-y flavor were complimented well by the thinner batter. this was delicious! I’ll definitely be back to try out that lamb burger and more of those red onion rings!

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Dat Dog in New Orleans, LA

Dat Dog
5031 Freret
New Orleans, LA 70115

Keep in mind, this place is CASH ONLY and closed on MONDAYS.

on Freret St.

now that we got that out of the way. you would think that with a paint job like this, that this place is hard to miss but it actually is very easy to miss (i think because it is over-shadowed by the two larger stores that flank it on either side).


the menu has one star! Hot dogssssssssssss! they come in a variety of types of meat (crawfish hot dog??? ) and some delicious sides. You can get a hot dog for $6 and split fries with someone for $3. the inside is quite small. i counted 3 tables. but since this is New orleans and the weather outside is usually bearable, you can eat outside!

I had the Louisiana sausage with chili cheese and caramelized onions (no one to share fries with on this visit). The hot dog took a while but I’m glad because that means each one is individually prepared with love and effort! My first bite was amazing and yummy! The crisp casing put up a good fight but was no match for my incisors (sorry my dad is a dentist and I do know what every tooth is called).  I must say I didn’t find this sausage spicy at all but the guy at the cash register had warned me that if I love spicy food, that this wouldn’t be hot enough for me but I tried it anyways cuz I didn’t feel brave enough to try the crawfish hot dog. The chili cheese on top was flavorful but not too salty. What I loved was the toasted bread though! The bread for a hot dog is usually an after thought but this one was delicious! I was fairly impressed with this place and can’t wait to take someone with me next time so i can order the french fries that looked amazing!

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Stanley's in New Orleans, LA

547 Saint Ann St.
New Orleans, LA


This restaurant is located in the heart of the French Quarter (Jackson square). I came at breakfast time to avoid the sweltering heat and enormous crowds that tend to congregate in this area to watch street performers and artists selling their work on the sidewalk. I liked the clean and modern decor of the place. The service was very friendly. Giving us adequate time to browse the menu and bringing out our food promptly. And this place has awesome hours! 7 am to 10 PM daily!

Breaux Bridge Benedict

My dining companion and I were torn between two dishes and the waiter offered to bring out half orders of each so that we could try both. Awesome! We started with the Breaux Bridge benedict which supposedly is the most popular dish on the menu. I was a little iffy about this but was intrigued when the waiter said it was by far the favorite of locals.

couldn't wait to cut into this!

Felt like Gordon Ramsay on MasterChef cutting into the egg. Looked so yummy as the yolk ran down the boudin, cheese and creole hollandaise. This truly was a creole hollandaise, it was kicking and fighting all the way down the GI  tube. I like my food with a spicy kick! The egg was perfectly cooked, not too runny or too solid. The boudin was interesting in composition but you couldn’t really taste it with all the other flavors going on in this dish. Definitely a huge fan of this dish!

Banana Foster French Toast

So when I read the menu online last night, this dish was actually my first choice. Probably cuz of my sweet tooth. I’m kinda glad I ate this second, cuz it was more of a bread pudding dessert than a french toast breakfast entree. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious. I especially loved the Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream with sliced bananas, and toasted walnut in Foster sauce. the french bread had become a little soggy for my preferences for french toast, but again, overall the dish was yummy!
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Pandora Snowball in New Orleans, LA

Pandora Snowball
901 N Carrollton Ave
New Orleans, LA 70119

Where do the local residents go when the humid weather goes into the triple digits? They come get these frozen slushees (shredded ice with flavored syrup)!!! The cups are very generous and they’re about $2-$3.

You order at one window and pick up around the corner. The line moves very quickly. Apparently the nectar flavor is a very solid choice and so my group each got half nectar and half something else. The nectar was soooooooo refreshing!  Perfect for a hot and sunny day!

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RECIPE: Spicy Korean Fried Shrimp (Kam pung shrimp)

20 large shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 egg white
corn starch
baking powder

cloves of garlic
dried cayenne pepper
olive oil
1 tsp soy sauce
2 tsp rice vinegar
2 tsp granulated sugar
1/2 cup of water
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1 T of cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon of hot pepper oil

mix shrimp w egg whites


add in cornstarch


deep fry shrimp


combine sauce ingredients



 Some other seafood recipes:
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Big Fisherman Seafood in New Orleans

Big Fisherman Seafood
3301 Magazine St.
New Orleans

big fisherman

I came here because word of mouth said that this is the best place for boiled seafood. The selection is quite sparse. and even tho they had been open for an hour before I got there, they only had a few things out and a lot of things not ready to be sold. a little disappointing. although the service was very pleasant and explained to me that everything was cooked fresh every morning and so that was why the majority of their selection was not ready to be sold when we had walked in.


but the price is affordable. the crawfish was quite good actually. we got about 2 lbs and it was plenty. we also got a side of corn and sausage which were pretty good too. all in all, i would say this is a very convenient establishment for when you have guests in town or just throwing a party in general and want to bring some food to eat outdoors (emphasis on OUDOORS).

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