Manchu Food Store and Chinese Kitchen in New Orleans

Manchu Food Store
1413 North Claiborne Ave.
New Orleans, LA

I heard through word of mouth that this was the best fried chicken in town. But I was a bit hesitant when I read some reviews that said to call in your order and get in and get out ASAP.

Manchu chicken

the parking in the area is tough because there are only 3 parking spots in front of the store. we took the advice to call in ahead when we read about the crack-like-addicton-inducing chicken and bulletproof glass windows. The store area is quite ghetto but the chicken is well worth it.

50 chicken wings

we did the 50 chicken wings for $20. the batter was very thin and packed full of flavor. it had its own spices and didn’t need any hot sauce (which speaks a lot for my personal preferences for chicken).

crack like chicken

the chicken was DELICIOUS! definitely recommend this for your next party gathering!

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  1. they not even answering their phone!!!

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