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Sara in New Orleans

724 Dubin St.
New Orleans

This is the only Asian Creole fusion restaurant in New Orleans. I had been pretty excited to finally come here but was a bit disappointed with the ambiance. Between frequently swatting away fruit flies from my face and sitting on furniture that looked like it was from the 80s, I was really hoping that the food would make up for the ambiance.

My friend and I decided that the most affordable way to try as many dishes as possible was to get a bunch of the starters. First the samosas with coriander spiced vegetables in a pastry turnover with a tamarind sauce. The sauce was like asian sweet and sour sauce. I liked the samosa without the sauce much better than with it.


The Louisiana crawfish eggrolls came out with a sweet chili dipping sauce. A little too sweet in my opinion. The wrapping on the eggrolls tasted the same as the wrapping on the samosa. Probably fried in the same oil.


Honey ginger glazed scallops was flash seared. This was the most savory of all the dishes. The scallops were about average in size but I just could not get enough of the honey soy glaze.


We ordered this next dish because my friend is a eggplant freak but I’m actually really glad she asked for this dish. This dish tasted the most authentic of all the Indian dishes. The only Cajun influence I felt in these dishes was the seafood component. The naan was toasted and we could spoon some eggplant braised with tamarind and cumin on top.

eggplant dip

The mango cheesecake was amazing. So full of flavor! It was light and not too rich at all.

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