Dragos Oyster Food Truck in New Orleans

Dragos Oyster Food Truck

This charbroiling engine is in the shape of a bright red fire truck. The fire truck comes complete with 2 flat screen TVs, beer taps, and a grill for cooking oysters. How often do you get your lunch served from a red fire truck?

These were very fresh oysters (I chewed on some sand). I watched the cooks slop on this garlic butter sauce on the raw oysters as they were being grilled. 6 oysters for $8 was not too bad of a deal. It was quite tasty and Dragos is famous for their oysters.

As I was walking around and eating, an older man came up to me and took my picture while I was eating and told me he works for Time Picayunne. I was like woah! this is what it feels like when I take pictures of other people with their food!

my picture in the New Orleans newspaper

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  1. Love the photo of the oysters, it’s beautiful! We’re glad you enjoyed the oysters – they’re some of the best in the city (we think!). Where were you that they had the truck out?

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