Mulate’s in New Orleans

Mulate’s the Original Cajun restaurant
201 Julia Street
New Orleans, LA

I was ecstatic to find parking on Julia St in the CBD/French quarter area. Most of the customers here were out of towners here for some conference so I guess that’s why there wasn’t much competition for parking since they all just walked over from their hotels.

We started off with gumbo, this thin soup with a bitter file powder base was your usual gumbo. It came packed with bits and pieces of crawfish.

My brother had the fried shrimp po boy with french fries. I really liked the tangy sauce that came on the shrimp. These po boys were huge!

My dad had the fried tilapia sandwich because the waittress said that the tilapia looked really good this morning. It had a very strong fishy flavor.

My mom had the fried crawfish sandwich which had a bit too much of a seafood flavor for me.

I had the crabmeat au gratin because I was in the mood for something delicious and cheesy. Totally not worth the $25. It was generic shredded Kraft cheese and the little dish that it was cooked in was burnt and so my crabmeat had a burnt flavor. Ugh. The main thing I liked was the twice baked potato (covered in cheese) that came on the side.

My crabmeat also came with a tiny little dish of jambalaya that I wanted my parents to sample but it was quite flavorless.

Unfortunately, I think this place is your typical tourist trap.
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  1. I’m really surprised by this review. We eat at Mulate’s whenever we can and have never had a bad meal. The crab au gratin is a favorite and usually has a delicate, rich flavor. The catfish is also a favorite.

    • Like Julia, I also had a tourist-trap style dinner here when my friends from out of town came to visit. Maybe they’re just inconsistent with quality, but given their location, cost, and the food that my friends and I received, I think it was more tourist trap than inconsistent.

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