Cake Cafe in New Orleans

Cake Cafe
2440 Chartres St
New Orleans, LA 70117-8607

This is one of those neighborhood gems. I could tell from the loads of bicycles tied to any sign outside within a block distance from the store. From the outside it blends in w the neighboring houses. As soon as you step inside, the aroma of baked goods overwhelm you.

I was bummed by the long line but luckily it moved fast. I got to the front and fell in love this strawberry fruit tart.

But knowing me, i wouldn’t get full off of one tart so I ordered the bacon cheddar quiche. The quiche was good, I loved the home made crust. The fruit tart was out of this world! The strawberries were fresh and the pastry was clearly made from scratch. So light and fluffy! Practically dancing on your tongue.


my friend had a mango fruit tart.

and a breakfast sandwich. both were so delicious she was already planning our next visit even though we were still sitting there.

blueberry and strawberry pastry

egg salad sandwich

chicken salad sandwich

Reuben sandwich

bagel and lox plate

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