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Mr. Apple in New Orleans

Mr. Apple
201 North Peters Street
New Orleans, LA

Located in the heart of the French Quarter. If you happen to be walking around, looking to satiate your sweet tooth, check out this place with the yummy candy apple in the windows.

The chefs think up of these fantastic ideas and get to turn them into reality in the kitchen and then we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor for under $10.

This place doesn’t just sell candy apples, they also sell chocolates, ice cream and baked goods.

I got to sample a praline pecan, it just melted on the tongue.

This candy apple is their best seller. I could tell why after my first bite. Not too sweet at all like most candy apples. The grahm cracker crumbles gave it a different texture than most candied apples but there was still some gooey caramel goodness underneath.

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Cochon Butcher in New Orleans

Cochon Butcher
930 Tchoupitoulas Street
New Orleans, LA

When I arrived here, the line was out the door and it didn’t really move. But the wait was well worth it! The decor is cute and trendy.

We started off with the brisket sliders which was the most amazing brisket of my life and all of new orleans! the brisket was moist and flavorful and so delicious.

Then we had the pancetta macaroni and cheese which was very rich but not too flavorful.

my friend had the pulled pork special of the day. he inhaled it!

i had the cubano sandwich with cochon de lait (slow cooked pork with fresh ham and provolone cheese). this was good but the best part of this meal was the sliders.

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Cure in New Orleans

4905 Freret St.
New Orleans, LA

I was super excited to eat here! I’ve driven by many times and have always wanted to go in. Everything on the menu looked so good; we ordered almost everything.  This wine bar also has an excellent choice of scotch. I love the ambiance with dim lighting and leather couch seats.

we started off with goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in pancetta. These were SO DELICIOUS! The sweetness of the dates complimented the pancetta in the background of goat cheese and it was coated in a syrup of dates.

Bacon and Bleu cheese tartine w bayley hazen, louisiana honey, bacon and onion jam. The bacon with blue cheese and onion is no stranger, but the hazen and honey were a new and much welcomed spin.

Spicy Jamaican meat pie with chicken, coconut curry, barbeque sauce and house made orange coconut soda. The coconut curry was a little on the weak side, but I really loved the barbeque sauce combination with the meat pie.

Shrimp Ceviche with pico de gallo, pepper, mango, pickled mustard seed and avocado. The ceviche had a strong citrus flavor (that is how ceviche is prepared) and was served cold.

Vadouvian Cauliflower with cauliflower cream, curry spiced vegetables and white choocolate. I was blown away by this dish. The cauliflower was not only beautiful in presentation but delicious and not soggy at all.

Short rib “debris” sandwich with gruyere, red wine braised black angus short rib, shiitake ragout and onion jam. This was by far, the winner of the night. The juicy meat on the toasted and buttered sandwich with the onion flavor was HEAVENLY. If I were to have a last meal on earth, this would be part of that meal.

The count with french toast, chiesi ham, membrillo, manchego, dijon mustard, egg. The dijon mustard was very strong but still good.

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Galatoires in New Orleans

209 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA

Wow from the moment you walk in you feel like family! This place is the epitome of southern hospitality. I loved that the busboy in the white shirts say “excuse me ma’am” every time he reaches in front of you. Or the waitress who makes suggestions not based on prices but based on what actually tastes good. I also loved the waiters walking around in tuxedos (i actually don’t know the difference between a suit and a tuxedo….. I just assume tuxedo is a black suit with a bow tie. Is that wrong?).

So we started off w some delicious hot bread and oysters rockefeller which were mussels baked with a crisp spinach top. It was reminiscent of spinach pesto.

Then we ordered a spinach with blue cheese and spiced pecans. The house vinaigrette was out of this world! Tangy and sweet at the same time.

I loved that the busboy brought out new utensils after every course and not just new utensils but new glasses of water (no one likes seeing chapstick lip smears on their water glasses).

My brother had the shrimp clemenceau with a very light sauce served with peas and potato. The potatoes were whipped and then baked crispy!

My mom had the shrimp creole which was cooked in a tomato based sauce with a hint of spicy.

My dad had crabmeat Yvonne which came out w jumbo lump crabmeat, artichoke hearts, mushrooms and green onions.

I had the drum fish because the waitress told me it was a light flaky white fish that wasn’t too fishy in flavor and she was right on! It was hands down the most amazing fish of my life and I’m not a huge seafood fan. And it was grilled with crabmeat yvonne topping (jumbo lump crabmeat, artichoke hearts, mushrooms and green onions).

And to top off the night, not only did the all the waiters sing happy birthday to me but they got the entire restaurant to sing for me! And we got free caramel flan!

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Tartine in New Orleans

7217 Perrier Street
New Orleans, LA

I love the logo here, it reminds me of the logo for the Girl with the Green Scarf from the movie “Confessions of a Shop-a-holic.” Even before you open the front door, the aroma of fresh bread consumes you.

You walk to the back of the quaint store and guess who greets you? The head chef! She trained at the French Culinary Institute in NY and now she’s got her own shop in New Orleans (I couldn’t believe it when she told me her age because I thought she was 23 or 24 years old and way young to own a store and then she told me she had a baby and i was shocked again because of her extremely slim figure).

I started off with a scone with cranberries, blueberries and pistacchio which was warm and crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. It came with this heavenly lemon meringue cream which I thought was butter at first. The cream was light but not fluffy. The lemon flavor really popped! The combination was truly genius!

Then I decided to order a tartine dish because I had never heard of it until this morning. The chef makes her own bread from scratch and toasts with and serves it with brie cheese (YUM), home-made strawberry spread (YUM YUM) and butter (how can you go wrong with butter?) and fresh slices of strawberries.

I had no idea how to put it all together so I spread butter first, then a layer of brie cheese then a layer of strawberry spread and topped it off with a slice of strawberry. It was so delicious. This place is a haven for those who love bread! Most of the restaurants I go to tend to use store-bought bread which really taints the flavor of the entire dish (I won’t mention them by name but if you follow my blog, I’m sure you can tell from my lamentations).

This is definitely another hidden gem in New Orleans and I will definitely be returning some time soon.
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Dragos Oyster Food Truck in New Orleans

Dragos Oyster Food Truck

This charbroiling engine is in the shape of a bright red fire truck. The fire truck comes complete with 2 flat screen TVs, beer taps, and a grill for cooking oysters. How often do you get your lunch served from a red fire truck?

These were very fresh oysters (I chewed on some sand). I watched the cooks slop on this garlic butter sauce on the raw oysters as they were being grilled. 6 oysters for $8 was not too bad of a deal. It was quite tasty and Dragos is famous for their oysters.

As I was walking around and eating, an older man came up to me and took my picture while I was eating and told me he works for Time Picayunne. I was like woah! this is what it feels like when I take pictures of other people with their food!

my picture in the New Orleans newspaper

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Mulate’s in New Orleans

Mulate’s the Original Cajun restaurant
201 Julia Street
New Orleans, LA

I was ecstatic to find parking on Julia St in the CBD/French quarter area. Most of the customers here were out of towners here for some conference so I guess that’s why there wasn’t much competition for parking since they all just walked over from their hotels.

We started off with gumbo, this thin soup with a bitter file powder base was your usual gumbo. It came packed with bits and pieces of crawfish.

My brother had the fried shrimp po boy with french fries. I really liked the tangy sauce that came on the shrimp. These po boys were huge!

My dad had the fried tilapia sandwich because the waittress said that the tilapia looked really good this morning. It had a very strong fishy flavor.

My mom had the fried crawfish sandwich which had a bit too much of a seafood flavor for me.

I had the crabmeat au gratin because I was in the mood for something delicious and cheesy. Totally not worth the $25. It was generic shredded Kraft cheese and the little dish that it was cooked in was burnt and so my crabmeat had a burnt flavor. Ugh. The main thing I liked was the twice baked potato (covered in cheese) that came on the side.

My crabmeat also came with a tiny little dish of jambalaya that I wanted my parents to sample but it was quite flavorless.

Unfortunately, I think this place is your typical tourist trap.
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Cafe Fresco 2 in Harrisburg, PA

Cafe Fresco 2
3352 Paxton St.
Harrisburg, PA

This is a more casual version of the cafe fresco in the “center city” of Harrisburg. We ordered to go and it only took 10 minutes.
The barbecue chicken pizza was delicious. This mini pizza came with 6 slices which was more than enough. The red onions had been grilled beforehand so there was a less harsh onion flavor to it.

BBQ chicken pizza

The salmon salad was disappointing. The salmon was cold and flavorless. The quality of the vegetables wasn’t great. The balsamic vinagrette had too strong of an acidic flavor.

salmon salad

The Santa fe burger was also disappointing. The guacamole flavor was pretty weird for guacamole. The meat quality wasn’t great but what do you expect for a hamburger. Couldnt taste the pepper jack cheese.

santa fe burger

the chocolate cake was the best part of this meal. It was light and rich and a huge slice.

chocolate cake

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Cafe Rani in New Orleans

Cafe Rani
2917 Magazine St # 103
New Orleans, LA 70115-2264

We arrived for Saturday lunch and saw sadly that all the outdoor tables were taken. Since we were in a bit of a rush we decided to eat inside. The waittress was very friendly and able to answer all of our questions.

From the most popular appetizers, we decided to start with the shrimp and crawfish bruschetta which is served in lobster butter with artichokes and tomatoes over a Rosemary ciabatta crouton. The shrimp was crisp to the bite but when everything was compiled on the delicious bread it was lacking in flavor. Trying to scrub the plate w the bread didn’t really help. The crawfish had a really fishy flavor but I guess it’s its natural flavor.


My friend ordered the Mediterranean sandwich which has roasted red peppers, cucumber, spinach, tomato, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, red onion, provolone and Swiss cheese. This place definitely caters to the vegetarian clientele! The filling was good but the bread was not tasty. The alfalfa sprout was lacking too. The cheeses on the sandwich were good though. The side salad was made w old lettuce!

Mediterranean sandwich

I ordered the blues burger since I was craving some red meat. This comes w blue cheese and blue cheese dressing. I decided to indulge and add bacon and get a side of potato chips. we only live once right? This place isn’t known for their hamburgers so I wasn’t expecting much. The bread was so big and dry and the mystery of all the side condiments that came out w my burger was instantly explained. The spicy mustard was great for dipping chips in but the blue cheese dressing was absolutely necessary for the burger.

blue cheese burger

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