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Bread Top House in Philadelphia

Bread Top House
1041 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-1810

the front


lots of choices

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this is the best bakery or boba tea in town, but I will say that this is a Chinatown staple (probably cuz it’s open later than most of its competitors). The bakeries are of OK quality and if you don’t mind powder mixed boba drinks, then the drinks are OK too. For me, the bakeries are usually pretty good but the boba drinks are really hit or miss here. Unfortunately, today’s was a miss (I’m not sure if it was rancid milk or what) but I decided that since I have a history with this place, not to write it off cuz of one bad drink.

boba tea







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Quincy’s Place in Boston, MA

Quincy’s Place
254 Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Boston, MA

Quincy Market

So it seems that Quincy’s Place has taken over Slugger’s dugout which was known for its ice cream. We decided to check it out.


I love that the interior had been decorated to look like an ice cream shoppe from the 50s.

I loved the old ice cream shoppe feel to the place

We probably sampled too many flavor but they were all so good!

lots of ice cream flavors to choose from

We went with a mint oreo variation called Green monster. Pretty expensive but if you’re going to Faneuil Hall, be prepared to spend $$.

Green monster

this might be every m & m color in existence

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Pinkberry 2 in New Orleans

Pinkberry 2
300 Canal St.
New Orleans, LA

I love any Pinkberry site but this one is a bit difficult to get to if you’re coming by car.


I love the clean feeling of enjoying frozen yogurt with fresh fruits. The people behind the counter could’ve been friendlier but whatever, I was fine with their abruptness cuz I’m a Pinkberry expert.


There is a lot of toppings to choose from, cookies and chocolates to fruits.


fruit toppings

This is my masterpiece: Pomegranate yogurt with mochi, strawberries, blueberries and pineapple!

my favorite combination in the world

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The Boston Chipyard in Boston, MA

Boston Chipyard
257 Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Boston, MA

Boston, MA

Boston is so gorgeous which is probably why millions of tourists are here at any given time (probably for Harvard/MIT).

Faneuil Hall

Our family always get cookies from this place. It’s pretty expensive but so delicious. They’re hot too! I love the feel of the heat radiating from the bright yellow bag. And they’re bite size too so you can just pop them in your mouth! Crispy around the edges and soft on the inside! Perfect!

Best cookies at Faneuil Hall


so warm!

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Short Stop Po Boys in Metairie, LA

Short Stop Po Boys
119 Transcontinenal Dr.
Metairie, LA

I heard that most of the po boys shops in New Orleans started off as grocery stores that served po boys. When you walk into this place, you can tell from the lay out that this could’ve been a grocery store before because the kitchen and cash register are off to one side and the present seating area could have been aisles of grocery.

Short Stop Po Boy


Word on the street was that the Roast Beef Po Boy is the best in New Orleans. Thanks to a Groupon coupon, for $5 I got to eat half of a 13 inch Roast Beef Po Boy and half of a 13 inch Shrimp po boy. Slick!

eating area

If you’re going to attempt the roast beef po boy, prepare to have a ton of napkins ready and hand sanitizer cuz you’re gonna need it. The roast beef itself is very tender and drowning in a delicious beef based gravy. The bread however became super soggy and difficult to eat. The swiss cheese I selected complimented the somewhat salty gravy and roast beef very well.

roast beef po boy

the second sandwich was shrimp po boy which we ordered with creole mustard and lettuce. Unfortunately, they forgot the creole mustard which I didn’t think was that of a big deal. Until I started eating this sandwich and realized how extremely dry it was without any sauce. It was very difficult to swallow the stale bread without any sort of gravy or sauce. The shrimp itself wasn’t bad but the dry bread made it almost unbearable.

shrimp po boy

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Izzo's illegal burrito in New Orleans, LA

Izzo’s Illegal Burrito
4316 Veterans Memorial Blvd.
Metairie, LA

I was super excited to eat here because I was trying to study at Starbucks and I saw that there were a ton of cars parked with hungry customers waiting to go inside. It’s gotta be good right?

Izzo's Illegal Burrito

Inside it’s kinda like Chipotle with the assembly line starting with tortilla flavor then to filling (meat or veggie) and then a ton of toppings. What is up with these americanized burritos that are the size of a small baby? This could’ve easily been 2 or 3 burrito servings.

look at how thick this burrito is!

My friend got the grilled mushrooms burrito. She liked it a lot, but wished that they had given her more veggies.

veggie burrito

I ordered the steak and I would say, nothing special. The meat was pretty tough to chew actually. Hopefully, if I go back, I’ll try something a bit more tender.

steak burrito

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Jung's Golden Dragon in New Orleans, LA

Jung’s Golden Dragon
3009 Magazine St.
New Orleans

I’ve walked by this place a few times and just wrote it off as another americanized Chinese restaurant. Boy was I wrong! I happened to stop by here to order take out and they offered me a secret Chinese menu! yes!

it was pretty hilarious,while i was waiting for my food, the proprietor read my palm! She told me about my career and my love life. some of the things she said was very entertaining.

shrimp with honey pecans $16

this dish was so delicious! I think it’s also on the americanized menu under chef’s specialties.

my favorite was the pecans

the next dish was my favorite (might be my favorite Chinese dish I’ve ever had in New Orleans): the crispy fish filet in spicy Hunan sauce. They gave a ton of fish for $16! And the spicy sauce was sweet at the same time. Amazing! Wish I had more of this! Everybody who eats seafood should try this dish before they die!

crispy fish filet

the last dish I got was because I thought it was something else. I wasn’t a huge fan of the shredded pork in Szechuan cabbage. Oh well, you live and learn.

shredded pork and cabbage for $9

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Oak St. Cafe in New Orleans

Oak St. Cafe
8140 Oak St.
New Orleans, LA

I got a tip that this places makes pretty amazing sandwiches. The word on the street is get the donuts!

Oak St. Cafe

Guess how sad I was when this is what I saw:

where are all the donuts!

they were sold out of donuts! their best seller by far.

since I couldn’t treat myself to a donut, I decided to get their #1 sandwich with GRILLED TURKEY, BACON, SWISS WITH SUN DRIED TOMATO AND A PESTO DRESSING ON white toast for $6.99.


the Carrollton sandwich

I liked the ambiance a lot here and the sandwiches were about $5-7 which was nice for a med student’s budget. This place was pretty packed so plan to come early and try to get a donut for me!


I had a groupon and so Joe and I came here for breakfast. We were pretty disappointed……

crawfish omelette

The omelette had a way too heavy crawfish flavor.

the scramble

The sausage that came in the scramble were cold. I was shocked! And the side potatoes were completley bland.

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Mangia Qui in Harrisburg

Mangia Qui
272 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101


This is a little exclusive nook w about 17 tables ( half of which can only seat 2 people). I’ve discovered the secret to quick service: get here at exactly noon when this place is still empty. When we came at 12:45, It was a good 10 minutes before we got menus and another 15 minutes after that when we finally placed our orders. With only 2 servers for the entire restaurant it’s no wonder that it was almost half an hour before our order made t to the fridge. Another surprising fact was that they have an extensive drink menu but the sole 2 servers of the entire restaurant are also the ones that make the drinks…

soup of the day

Pepper pot soup which is a cream based soup with peppers and onions and shrimp. There weren’t that many pieces of shrimp but the flavor was alright. Very watery for a creamy soup.

ribeye rollatini

the ribeye rollatini was only ok. i wasn’t a huge fan.


Rigatoni w Italian sausage and tomato sauce was such a small portion. Joe had finished his with a few bites and was still hungry after wiping his plate clean.

chicken salad sandiwch

The chicken salad sandwich was mixed in a home made tzaziki sauce w apple slices instead of the usual mayonnaise.  It gave it an interesting flavor which was complimented by the salt and vinegar chips. I especially liked the apple slices in tzaziki sauce.

filet mignon

The 4 oz grass fed filet mignon had a weird flavor and smell. It was pretty difficult to chew as well.  Luckily it was masked by the gorgonzola cheese, bacon strips and crispy stringy onion rings. I think because they were less busy we got more French fries than before. Hot and crispy!

crabcake sandwich

The crab cake sandwich with lemon aioli and French fries was delicious! By far my favorite out of everything I’ve had at this restaurant. The crab cake is huge and jam packed. Baked crispy on the outside and enhanced by the fiesty lemon aioli.

crabcake sandwich

Black Linguini tossed in an extra virgin olive oil and garlic with clams was also delicious. There weren’t that many clams but what I loved was the lob of goat cheese on top of the bread crumbs. I love it when chefs will add crispy bread crumbs on top of pasta, it breaks up the composition nicely.

black linguini

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