Chill Out Cafe in New Orleans

Chill Out Cafe
729 Burdette St.
New Orleans, LA

You wouldn’t know from the name, but this is a Thai restaurant! Which also serves breakfast foods all day. I came here in search of a spicy authentic Thai dish.

Chill Out Cafe

What was great was that I saw that this restaurant was closing at 8 PM and called at 7:40 to ask if the kitchen had closed. They said no and so I said I was on my way and almost there and had 3 in my party.  They stayed open for us and didn’t rush us at all when we got there and looked thru the menu.

I ordered the chicken and shrimp pad thai for $12. It had thin rice noodles stir fried with chicken, shrimp and crushed peanuts, bean sprouts, scallions, and egg in tamarind sauce.  I asked for super spicy and it came out sweet and sour. Oh well, to be fair, pad thai should be sweet and sour. Maybe I should’ve ordered a curry to get something spicy.

chicken and shrimp pad thai

My friend had the vegetarian pad see ew which is a wide flat rice noodle with sauteed with carrot, egg, broccoli, and onion in sweet soy sauce for $8.50:

pad see ew

And my other friend had tofu pad thai for $8.50:

vegetarian pad thai

Overall, I would say the food was pretty delicious and moderately priced. Customer service was excellent (They stayed open for us when they should’ve been closing).

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