East Ocean City in Boston, MA

East Ocean City
27 Beach St.
Boston, MA

This is a seafood staple in Chinatown. For $10 you get a ton of clams cooked in a flavorful black bean sauce. This dish came out shortly after we had placed our order. I was really surprised given how packed this restaurant was. When we walked in, the hostess asked us if we had made a reservation (we were thinking, who makes a reservation for a chinese restaurant in Chinatown!?!)

clams in black bean sauce

The soft shell crab is fried in a spicy salt. This was probably my favorite dish of the night, but the portion was quite small. It was really delicious though.

spice salt soft shell crabs

I always try to get beef chow fun at Chinese restaurants and this one was pretty standard for a beef chow fun. Nothing spectacular but not disgusting either.

beef chow fun

When we ordered the fried sea scallops, I was surprised to see that it was covered in batter and deep fried. This was probably the easiest, least-messy dish to eat for the night. Unfortunately, I mainly tasted the batter and not the scallops.

fried scallops

The lobster in ginger and scallion was pretty good. Very good portions. After we had placed our order, I saw a waiter walk over to the live lobster tank and pull out two and place them on a tray and walk to the kitchen. And this was probably the last dish to arrive at our table, probably because it was cooked fresh.

lobster in ginger and scallion sauce

proof that they served 2 lobsters


beef with vegetable over flat noodle


sizzling steak


bok choy with garlic


salt and spicy dunginess crab

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  1. I know where to go next time I’m in Chinatown! The clams and crabs look delish.

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