Bambu in New Orleans

8 Canal St.
New Orleans

In order to get in to this restaurant, you have to walk thru the casino area of Harrah’s (sorry for people who don’t like cigarette smoke but it’s a short walk). And don’t forget your ID, they’re very strict about under-21 people not being allowed to enter.


I like that this place is spelled “Bambu” and not “Bamboo.” I think it is to represent that this restaurant is a departure from your typical Asian restaurant.


The ambiance was quite interesting. Reminds me of a tropical paradise. Maybe that’s the point. Forget about your gambling problems and come enjoy a reasonably priced lunch special in paradise!


Actually though, i think the items on the lunch menu were on the only things reasonably priced. The sushi, heck no!  I definitely wouldn’t have come here if it weren’t for my coupon. Brought down my lunch to $12 (including tax and tip!)

First we had the famous honey wasabi shrimp. The chef is well known for his restaurant in Atlanta which received national praise from the Zagat. And the Zagat reviewed this dish as one of his best ever. So of course I had to try it and of course I fell in love. Especially with the candied pecans (my favorite!) Could’ve used some more shrimps but oh well. It was still super delicious and by far the winner of the meal.

Honey Wasabi Shrimp $12.95

This next dish was probably a huge mistake to order. We asked for another popular dish and the waiter suggested General Tso chicken (shame on you! The waiter was Asian too! You never should suggest such an americanized dish to Asians). Anyways, this was your typical general tso sauce.

General Tso Chicken $9.95

This sushi roll was amazing! But 8 pieces for $20 is a bit expensive for me.

New Orleans Roll $20

The New Orleans roll had spicy crawfish, crunchy, and avocado on inside w/ half spicy tuna, half snow crab, and down the middle a line of wasabi tobikko w/ eel and avocado sauce. This roll was so amazing and delicious!

New Orleans roll not the Nola roll (that's a different roll)

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