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Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, MA

Faneuil Hall Marketplace
1 Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Boston, MA

Tons tourists here with huge cameras, so I blended in just fine. Came here for lunch with the family. Tip for next time: park at 75 State St. parking garage because you get validation with purchase from any of the vendors at Faneuil, versus the garage on Clinton St. (which is next door) does not validate.

the view from the parking garage

Welcome to Quincy Market

We don’t come here that often unless we have out-0f-towners with us, so we figure a place with “Chowda” in the name must be pretty legit. Altho lines are long (except for maybe the Thai place and Indian place), everything moves along quite nice. And if you can’t find seats right away, give it a minute and you’ll see someone get up from a table. There is also standing areas with tables, and an eating area upstairs.

Best clam chowder bread bowls in Faneuil Hall

i don’t know why someone would bother with something else besides clam chowder when you come to Boston

they have other soups too

i started to drool when I saw this window case.

i love lobster rolls

The bread was alright (sourdough I believe). The soup was ok too, nothing spectacular. I’m pretty sure Faneuil Hall is here mainly for the tourists and so they don’t mind over-paying for Boston’s famous clam chowder.

clam chowder bread bowl!!

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Flour Bakery

Flour Bakery
1595 Washington St.
Boston, MA

do you see me and my bro in the reflection?

I had heard about this delicious bakery so I decided to check it out. I think my presence on snowy Boston roads did not help the asian female driver stereotype….Parking was difficult because the usual meter parking spots had been turned into snowbanks with the recent blizzard. However, I did find parking in a Bus only lane (everyone else was parked there).

lots of choices

The place was super packed so before I made it up to the counter I had already decided to get my order to go. There was quite the line but everyone managed to squeeze indoors. I had time to go over some of their choices and came up with the following:

everything looked so yummy

To be healthy, we got a fruit tart. The fruit choices were really interesting but what I loved was that the cream cheese based cream was delicious, not overly sweet.

individual fruit tart

My brother insisted on getting a chocolate chip cookie which kinda disappointed me with all the choices he had. After I took a bite though, I could unmistakeably taste Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares! Awesome! I was in chocolate chip cookie heaven!

chocolate chip cookie

Since I had already selected the fruit tart and chocolate chip cookie, I asked the cashier what was something that they were famous for and she said their sticky buns. For $2.95 you get gooey deliciousness with dark, sticky caramel and toasted pecans. I was super glad that we ended up eating this at home because I had the leisure of using a fork and knife without fear of judgement and/or ridicule in public. Super sticky! This was by far, the winner of the three!

cashier's recommendation: sticky bun

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Minado in Boston ,MA

1282 Worcester Rd.
Natick, MA

Our family came here for Christmas cuz no one in the house felt like cooking. We figured since it was a holiday which meant prices were more expensive than normal days, there wouldn’t be much of a crowd. Boy were we wrong! This place was packed with waiting lines going out the door! $21 per person! Recession, my butt!


way too crowded

I would say that the distribution of customers was pretty evenly split between white people and asian people. The hilarious thing was that all the asian people were flocking to the sushi/sashimi side and all the white people were flocking to the fried foods (tempura)/ chicken teriyaki side.

maki rolls section

hand rolls and maki section

i love these

I like that even though this is a sushi buffet, the quality of sushi is pretty decent. Especially for what you’re paying for.

sashimi section

fried foods section


fried seafood

so I noticed that this worker was walking on the other side of the buffet from me (so I was on the side taking food and he was across the table laying out new food). He ran a few dishes ahead of me and took out a plate of something and replaced with a whole fish. I guess my camera must have caught his eye. haha. I was flattered except anyone who has ever eaten with me knows that I get freaked out if the food resembles its live form too much (aka whole fish). I took a picture of it because the worker was watching me but I didn’t take any.

fried whole fish

for all you edamame lovers

to save you all from the excessive pictures I took (there were 5 of us and we each had multiple plates), I only posted pictures of our first servings.

my brother's plate

my mom's plate

my dad's plate

my sister's plate

that’s right! those are crabs on my plate (in the middle)

my plate

maki that I got

of course we got udon at the do-it-yourself-udon-station

i love how all the plates come with a bowl holder in the middle

when I went up to get my ice cream, I noticed they only had these dinky little cups and I wanted a lot of ice cream so I took a plate and started to serve myself some ice cream and I noticed a lot of people looking at me…………

green tea ice cream


overall, service was alright. I think there was only one incident when our waittress neglected us and empty plates really piled up in the middle. but besides that she did a pretty good job of clearing away our plates after we finished.

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Susu's Bakery Boutique in Boston, MA

Susu’s Bakery Boutique
575 Washington St.
Wellesley, MA

the view as you walk in

As you walk in, you have this view of ton of yummy desserts. It was hard to focus on the dessert though with the festive ambiance.

festive christmas tree

As you walk into the room neighboring the baked goods section, you find a comfy sitting area. Unfortunately there weren’t many tables but the few tables that were there were very comfy. I think most people must get their food to go.

when I saw this table, the first thought I had was this must be great for group studying.

this huge round table reminded me of King Arthur's round table

the peppermint meringue drop was light and very appropriate for the holiday season. it was like those solid powder mints, not the plastic-y ones.

peppermint meringue

must-have brownie

My friend asked the woman behind the counter what was the one thing he HAD to have, and the woman said this brownie. When I grabbed a bite, it tasted like hot chocolate mix almost. It was nice that the brownie was not too heavy or too rich.

famous doughnut muffin

Apparently the muffin made out of doughnut is famous here. It was a very novel idea, making a muffin out of donut mix. The service here was very friendly and everything tasted home-made. A little on the pricey side for desserts but pretty good.

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The Cottage in Boston, MA

The Cottage
190 Linden St.
Wellesley, MA

After a friend had raved about this restaurant, I decided to journey out to Wellesley to find this place. When  I arrived, I was surprised by the calm and cool colors chosen by this establishment; a luxurious Pier 1 imports. When I found out that the other chain is located in La Jolla, CA, the cool colors made more sense (like a light day at the beach).

decor (kinda like a Pier 1)

The bar is well-stocked with tons of creative drinks on the menu.

the bar

I always look for soft spreadable butter when I go out, and was ecstatic that this place not only had soft butter but warm toasted bread.

fresh bread

My friend and I were so famished that as soon as we sat down we placed an order for the fried calamari appetizer. Shortly after we had a chance to open our menus and munch on some bread, the calamari arrived (that was fast!).  The calamari had been boiled for a perfect amount of time and then dip in batter and fried to a crisp! I  liked that the calamari wasn’t too heavy or oily. The sauces were amazing! My favorite was the cool green goddess dressing with what I perceived as tartar sauce, cucumber and a hint of lime. The OOO-eee sauce was also delicious, some sort of mayo and sriracha sauce combo.

fried calamari

my friend and I split the warm goat cheese salad. The roasted red peppers gave the dish an appealing bright color assortment.  I liked that the balsamic vinagrette didn’t overpower the dish, just the right amount of tang. And the caramelized walnuts were the best part!

warm goat cheese salad

my friend had the BBQ tenderloin tips. I got to steal a bite and it was delicious! The tenderloin tips were request medium-well and were a bit on the browner side, but still delicious. It was marinated with some spices that were subtle right up until the aftertaste which was glorious. I loved the BBQ sauce, it was somehow lighter than other BBQ sauces.  It came with a side of these long tater tots. The outside was crunchy but the inside was soft mashed potato with white cheddar. It was soooooo yummy!

BBQ Tenderloin tips

I had the L.A. burger with angus beef, roasted tomato relish, arugula, melted gruyere + goat cheese, crispy shallots, parmesan toasted bun. I had also ordered medium-well and when I cut it open and saw the beautiful shade of pinkish-brown, I was SO HAPPY! I’m a huge cheese fan, so I was ecstatic that my cheeseburger had 3 cheeses. I loved the roasted tomato relish because it wasn’t as acidic as ketchup but had the mild flavoring of tomato. So delicious!

L.A. Burger

PS. best part was when we got our check we got free Lindt chocolate truffles! And as we were walking out we saw a display of them and we asked if we could grab some more and they said yes!

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Zaftigs in Boston, MA

335 Harvard St.
Brookline, MA

I made the mistake of attempting Sunday brunch here once, the wait was miserable. Which is why I came here on a Monday afternoon instead. Plenty of meter parking around for those of you who drive into Boston like moi. I was sooo excited for this neighborhood Jewish gem.

The Jewish Deli

Tons of workers so we pretty much always had someone’s attn whenever we needed it (my coffee cup was never empty).

pretty chaotic

lots of people ordering lunch to go get to hang out by the dessert counter (I wonder if they do that on purpose. You come in and order and then you’re left to stare at these goodies for a good 10-15 min?)

tons of delicious desserts

I’m very glad that these complimentary bagel chips came out cuz I was starving when I arrived. My teeth however were not as happy, for some reason when I crunched on the left side I felt a shooting pain. Time to visit my dad’s office!

complimentary bagel chips and cream cheese

my fellow foodie had a cappucino. He said it was a typical cappucino, can’t really go wrong with it.


Then he ordered the Holly’s Heavenly salad with baby spinach greens, sun-dried cranberries, pine nuts, red onion, goat cheese, and raspberry balsamic vinagrette. The vinagrette was very subtle in the background, with the goat cheese standing out. Yum!

Holly's heavenly salad

He also had the mac & cheese which appeared to be baked with a panko bread crumb top. I was super excited for it because the description said creamy and cheesy. It wasn’t either! The main flavor was of the pasta itself. Maybe a stronger cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano or a sharper cheddar would’ve done the trick.

mac & cheese

Since this place is known for their sandwiches, I had the Monte Cristo which was crispy french toast, swiss cheese, smoked ham and smoked turkey with some sort of cranberry chutney. This was GENIUS! The sweet syrupy flavor of the french toast was amazing with the smoked ham and smoked turkey. I was iffy about mixing sweet and salt but the smoked ham and turkey were not salty at all. It was AMAZING! My fellow foodie had one-eigth of the sandwich and concurred.

the Monte Cristo

i feel like I should email them this picture or something

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955 Manhattan Blvd
Harvey, LA

I originally wasn’t going to make an entry on Sonic’s because I consider it a fast food chain and then a faithful reader brought up the argument that I had a In-N-Out entry and this was discrimination. Haha, woah, ok……..So here it is:

I think drive-in’s are fun! Now all we need is a big screen with a movie playing. Kinda reminds me of the movie Grease, minus all the people doing it in their cars. It’s exciting reading the bright and colorful menu and then having to lean out your window to push the red button that lets the people inside know you’re ready to order. Then they come out in rollerskates with your food on a tray!

I love cheeseburgers, so it’s no surprise that I usually order that when I’m at Sonic’s. It’s pretty good for fast food joint.

cheeseburger automatically means double here!

However, the cheeseburger is not the main attraction of the meal! This is: tater tots with chili and cheese!

tater tots w chili and cheese

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Milk Bar in New Orleans

Milk Bar
1514 Delachaise St.
New Orleans

the milk bar

This is a great hidden gem with an amazingly creative menu.

Place your order from the menu

The ambiance is very cute here.

have a seat and wait for the Moo Krewe to deliver you your food

The hot chocolate had marshmallows in it! Hello, childhood! Made this cold weather more bearable. Another thing that reminded me of my childhood, ok fine, not MY childhood but TV (sad, I know): when the kids are running out of the kitchen trying to catch the schoolbus and the mom is standing by the door handing each kid their lunch bag. The Moo Krewe calls out your name and hand delivers your brown paper lunch bag. I could feel the heat radiating from my sandwich when he handed it to me.

hot chocolate

One friend had the “I Dream of  Aubergenie” Sandwich with roasted eggplant, roasted red peppers, red onion, calamata olives, feta, pesto and hummus. This was by far the winner of the day.

I dream of Aubergenie sandwich

Another friend had the “Shirley Valentine” sandwich which had sauteed spinach, artichokes, tomato, sauteed mushroom, red onion, feta, and mozarella cheese. The friend had noted that the artichoke flavor was a bit overwhelming.

Shirley Valentine sandwich

I had the psycho chicken sandwich with  marinated chicken (not really marinated), sundried tomato, mozzarella and pesto sauce. The bread was crispy and hearty, reminded me of the hunks of rustic bread from Parisian cafes. Then I found out that they get their bread from La Boulangerie which makes sense. The prices are great, and the food is even better.

Psycho Chicken sandwich

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Huevos in New Orleans

4408 Banks St.
New Orleans, LA


I had heard about this Mid City gem so I was super excited when Living Social Deals had a coupon. I paid $7 for $14 value.

menu on the chalkboard

orange chili was interesting

I usually love neighborhood joints with menus on the chalkboard. My friend and I were excited to see not very many people were here so we placed our order and sat by the windows. Then we noticed a huge group of people come in after us and were super thankful for the excellent timing. Except we noticed that people that came in after us were getting their food orders before us. We didn’t even get our coffee or orange juice and people were getting egg sandwiches or omelettes before us.

After 45 minutes of waiting with no food or drinks, I went up to the counter to ask about our food and I saw their brilliant system of how they take orders! The orders that come in earlier lie at the bottom of the pile while the cook is taking orders that come in later from the top of the pile.  When I saw this, and how many more orders were on top of ours, I was shocked!

I think because I had mentioned that we had been waiting for our food for 45 minutes, they got to work on our order (FINALLY!)

apple fritter was delicious

We had ordered an apple fritter pastry which was just sitting there in the glass case (they could’ve at least brought out that and our drinks when we were waiting).

my friend had the blue jay special which was a Huevorito tortilla stuffed with eggs, cheese and chorizo with charred tomato salsa. the breakfast burrito was good but she had ordered a side of hash browns for $3. the amount that came out was ridiculous!

blue jay special

does this looks like its $3 worth?

I had the huevos con tamal because I figured it’s one of the most unique dishes on the menu., 3 pork tamales, 2 poached eggs w salsa verde. The pork tamales had a weak flavor (really really bland) and a mushy, unattractive composition. The poached eggs didn’t help. My favorite part of the meal was definitely the apple fritter (they’re known for their pastries) and if I were to go back, I would definitely get the Blue Jay special cuz the burrito was pretty good.

huevos con tamal

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