Hi-Do Bakery in New Orleans

lHi-Do Bakery
441 Terry Pkwy
Gretna. LA 70056

I know if you look online it says Terrytown, but my GPS identified it as Gretna and the bakery box said Gretna too. As I walked in, it smelled like baked goods heaven.  Although it is small, there were quite a few selections. I had heard about the cream cheese croissants so I got that, the apple croissant and chocolate chip cookies. Since I saw two women walking out w a long french bread rolls, one under each arm, I knew I had to get one even though  I hadn’t originally planned on getting one. The woman behind the counter felt one and put it back and got another one and gave it to me, I kinda gave her a look like what’s up, and she said the new one she gave me was fresh from the oven. YES! The french bread was so soft and crispy at the same time. The cream cheese croissant was filled with mild cream cheese that had to be sweetened. The croissants were baked fresh and very crisp upon the first bite. The apple croissant tasted like I was eating a baked apple pie minus the cinnamon overflow, this croissant emphasized the apple flavor. The chocolate chip cookies were sweet and soft. I loved it!

the magical place

big selection

fresh french bread


cream cheese filled croissant

apple filled croissant

chocolate chip cookies

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  1. Just want you to know I am a real estate agent in Fort Worth texas and a local roofer JoeyHarsdorff of Circle H Roofing brough into us 2 King cakes and have to tell you I have never tasted anything so delicious. I am glad you are not in Fort Worth or else I would be in your store daily – thank you so much – Josephine

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