Korea House Restaurant and Club in New Orleans

Korea House
3547 18th St
Metairie, LA 70002-3394

When I walked in here, I couldn’t help but notice all the Korean patrons which made me excited (if Koreans eat here, its gotta be legit, right?)I noticed all the tables had grills in the middle but they cook the meat in the back (not legit Korean BBQ unless you get to bask in the ambiance of the smoke, and walk away with a smelly souvenir (your clothes soaked in the smell of Korean grilled meat).  So yea the menu is in Anglicized Korean, so even though you don’t know what the dish means, there are descriptions of each dish. The server also speaks clear English and understands perfectly too. Our food came out right away, the meat portions were great for $13 each and our Korean seafood soup was $10.  The meats were juicy and tasty, and the seafood soup was very flavorful with a ton of soft tofu. Overall, a great meal.


dwehji bulgogi- spicy pork

hae-mul soondooboo- seafood spicy soft tofu soup

bulgogi- marinated beef

dweji gogi with rice and lettuce

bulgogi lettuce wrap

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