Bulldog in New Orleans

3236 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA

I am finally back from my lovely vacation in San Francisco!!!!!

Dear New Orleans, Please make it a law for no smoking allowed INSIDE bars. Thank you. Really Really! Bulldog is quite small so with the lack of appropriate air ventilation, you’re really just walking into a smoke chamber. And sitting outside on the patio doesn’t help because all the smokers are there too, and no matter where you go, you end up downwind of the smoke. Hello, second-hand-smoke-induced-lung-cancer. The service was quite slow, probably because there was only one guy behind the cash register who was also cooking everything. That didn’t bug me so much as to the fact that 25 minutes later, we still hadn’t gone any buzz yet on our pagers, so I went up to the window to be a nuisance and there was our order! Sitting behind the counter! He had forgotten to page us! grrrrrrrrrr. The food is delicious, you’ll probably end up spending about $13 for dinner here(not including tip or beer). The hamburgers are alright in quality (lots of toppings to choose from). The nachos are delicious (and my favorite part). And I didn’t know they had sweet potato fries until recently. They have  wide selection of beers, and if you come on a Wednesday night, any drink order you get, you get to keep the Bulldog glass cup (makes for an awesome souvenir and glass cup to have around the kitchen).

King's nachos with grilled chicken

Dead Guy Burger

Sweet potato fries with sugar

The Bulldog on Urbanspoon


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