The Joint in New Orleans

The Joint
801 Polane Ave.
New Orleans, LA

After working hard at a construction site for  4 hours, a fellow foodie and I decided to treat ourselves to some good Southern BBQ cookin. I walked in and was shocked at how small and crowded the place was.  Now don’t expect to walk into a place like August or Commander’s Palace, because this might be at the total opposite end of the spectrum. It seemed as though every wall space was covered by some vintage sign. Instead of tables, we had picnic tables and benches which seemed fitting. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich while my fellow foodie had the beef brisket sandwich. The meat was fantastic in quality and taste, especially for the low price (were talking single digits here, ppl!) I don’t think my vegetarian friends would find this place appealing though. The sides, mac and cheese and potato salad, weren’t that great, but we weren’t here for the sides. The food was delicious, service was friendly enough and if the restaurant wasn’t so small, then the people waiting to sit around my table probably would have bothered me less. haha.

the counter where you order


beef brisket with potato salad

pulled pork with mac & cheese

delicious pulled pork

this one is for you Ms. JY

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  2. I know this was posted way back when, but that looks like cole slaw in the pic. You sure it was potato salad? Their potato salad is AWESOME.

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