Green Goddess in New Orleans

Green Goddess
307 Exchange Place
New Orleans, LA 70130

Wow this was an amazing meal for the palette! Very impressed! The ambiance was a cozy little (literally little, I think I counted 4 tables inside + 1 in the back + counter + a few tables outside) nook. The servers were very friendly (i’m pretty sure one of them was one of the owners (Chef Chris). He kept coming up to me asking me for pounds. Very cute.) Luckily we got here at 6:30 and got the last table available indoors (way too hot to eat outside). Because we were in such close quarters with everyone around us, everyone sitting around us became very friendly with us, asking us what we got and telling us about what they ordered.

We ordered the three cheese platter, with so many to choose from it was a tough decision. I was disappointed that they were out of ossau iraty cheese, and randomly replaced it with some Spanish cheese that I was not a fan of. The purple haze had a bit of pizazz to it and the Vento d’Estate was stupendous. They gave us this awesome flat bread to cleanse our palates with. It had a very strong licorice flavor to it.

My friend ordered the tasting menu because G.G. was offering to donate $5 to oil spill relief for every tasting menu ordered. It included the Chilled Persian Cucumber Soup (which was a fresh blend of cucumber and vidalia onion):

Bamboo Rice Cake with Lump Crabmeat (which was amazing! they made the rice crispy and the wasabi sauce came out right through my nostrils):

Tumblin Dice Seared Tuna and Watermelon (what an original idea to combine seared tuna and watermelon! genius! and it was so spicy!):

Quinoa stuffed tomato (which just deflated in your mouth, releasing a tidal wave of sweet tomato soup):

and the golden beet ravioli (which was an interesting combo of crispy beets and chevre cheese):

I had ordered the Louisiana Bangers and Mash and literally I could hear angels sing with my first bite of sausage. The sausage had a little salt which was a great mix with the sugar in the sweet mashed potatoes and cane syrup (which I thought was going to be overkill but I was so wrong):

The sultan’s nest was the perfect ending to this amazing meal. It was light and cold (perfect for a hot summer night) with crispy phyllo:

Definitely returning here hungry for more!


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